welcome to the club



                         welcome to  club Radioactive 

  that is what the sign said i...what kind of name is that? i'm thinking hugging myself to keep from freezing to death from the chicago cold. my teeth chattering i push open the heavy double door's of the club.  anyplace is better than the cold outside.

                           and i walk into a rainforset......

  i swear i can feel my jaw drop to the floor as i take in the scene around me. what the hell?  i open the door at my back and  see the snow falling softly on the hard ice covered streets of the windy city , i feel jack frost kissing my checks leaving my checks cold and numb where his freezing lips have grazed it. when i close the door and turn around i am swapped up into the thick heat of the rainforset.... 

    "where the hell am i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i scream into the air.

"god..you don't have to yell...." came a voice male voice from behind me. i turn around and my eyes bluge at the bare flesh infront of me

  " WHY ARE YOU WEARING NOTHING BUT A LONE-CLOTH!!!!!!"  the only thing covering this handsome guy is a redish-brown lone cloth , his pale muscles glimmering  with sweat are painted in red trible designs that also cover his checks , his cold black cat like eyes peirce me where i stand.

   "......don't do that anymore...."

 "DO WHAT?" 

  "  ugh!" his hand comes up to cover his ears. "STOP SCREAMING!!!!" he shouts


  "both of you just shut up!" another male voice  shouts

 i turn once again to see another lone cloth male.

  "whats with all the lone clothes! its dead winter!!!!" i can't help noticing that this guys lone cloth flaps when he walks showing what lays under neath.

    "well not in here"  says the guys i'm oggling un-like whitey his skin is dark like chocolate and his hair is long and pulled into a pony-tail. "hello welcome to club Radioactive  , i'm razer and that pale freak is gaberial. whats your name doll?" he said giving me a pleasent smile that made my heart melt.

 "its Rah."


The End

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