Random stuff i decided to tell you. You lucky butts.

Live, Laugh, Love

Live: Do the stuff you always dreamed of, have fun with it make your life worthwhile. Have fun while your young and while you have the energy, you won’t have that kind of energy and spirit forever. As they say

“Live life to the fullest, or else it’ll pass you by in a blur.”

Do that, do what you want just do it responsibly. Have fun just the responsible kind of fun. Take advantage of what you have, and quit bickering and complaining about what you don’t. You’ll have fun then and be a responsible, grownup, adult later on in life.

“Live life with no regrets.”

Laugh: Laugh at all those things that went completely wrong. Laugh it off and say no big deal. You can fix it later. You can’t make everything go exactly how you want it but you can try. You can also try to make the best of the worst situation. That’s probably also one of the many good things to do in a crisis situation.

“Laugh like there’s no tomorrow.”

That may not be the correct sang but it’s still true, and valuable information. Laugh the day away, and forget all your troubles. After all

“Laughter’s the best medicine.”

Love: Love everyone, love them like there’s no one else in the world to love. Love your aunt, your uncle, niece, and nephew. Your mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa. Love has no limits, there’s no maximum to how much love you can give. There’s also no minimum to it either.

“Love the world as you would love yourself.”

Another valuable piece of information to follow. Love had no limits, has no limits, and it never will have any limits. Keep on loving the world, every single living breathing thing on this planet.

“Love has no limitations.”

Recap: Just so you remember,

“Live life with no regrets.”

“Laughter is the best medicine.”

“Love has no limitations.”

These have got to be the three best words in the whole world. They all have meaning and value to them. They all speak the truth, if the whole world can do this, the Earth would be a much better place.


The End

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