Hilarious Question Correction

Well, I was just thinking of this, and it made me laugh. So maybe it'll make you laugh too. It's a true story


In maths, we were meant to be correcting the questions on this thing about 'Are You healthy?'. I sat next to one of my friends in the seating plan. Anyway, one of the questions we had to correct was 'Are you fat?'. Everyone was saying change it to stuff like 'How much do you weigh?' and 'Do you think you're healthy?'. But me and my friend were really bored and slightly hyper. So my friend went and said:

"It should be: 'Does your mother consider you obese, or comfortably round?'" and that set us off laughing like maniacs. And everyone else was just like 'What? It's not that funny' but we couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the lesson. And that's literal.

So now we say it every maths lesson and it still manages to set us of into a fit of giggles. HEHE! You may not think it's funny and all my other friends are now like 'It's not funny any more'. But we still think it's absolutely hilarious.


The End

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