The Plight of the Lobster King

Once upon a time, there was a Lobster King.  His name was Floyd, and he ruled over the kingdom of Framastat for many years.  Under his rule, the kingdom saw a new millenium that was unrivaled by any of his predecessors.

However, Floyd was not happy.  For although he was married to a noble named Flatulant Fran, the flounder, his heart lay with another.  Floyd was in love with the beautiful angelfish Angela, who was a dancer at the Sand Bar.  He would show his love to her cautiously, though, by lighting her trash can on fire or beating up her puppy, for if his wife found out, a scandal could have erupted.

Flatulent Fran saw that her husband was unhappy, and asked him why:  "Dear Floyd...  What troubles you?  You have not done anything in months!"

Floyd was in a real pickle.  He couldn't tell his wife what the issue was, because then she might get angry.  When women get angry, they take out there anger on the source - which was either Floyd or Angela.  Also, she might yell about it to he presses, and then his political career would be over!

There was only one solution.  He went down to the park and started throwing stones at the wildlife, claiming that each one was a "royal decree".  After getting arrested, he escaped and fled the country.  Now he lives with Angela in a bunker near Tatooine.


The End

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