The Story Of The Last Thingymajiggy

Johnny was a Thingymajiggy. Now, Thingymajiggys were becoming extinct, and Johnny was the last one. So he grabbed his yellow rain coat, and went off on a search for more. 

On the way though, he stopped of at a farm to buy a chicken. He was terribly hungry, and wanted to eat pork. Of course he couldn't afford pork. He was only a Thingymajiggy for gods sake. So he stole the chicken and then exchanged it for a piglet. He was a very clever Thingymajiggy you see.

He carried on his journey, a very bloated Thingymajiggy. Soon enough he came across a lemonade stand. It was made of paper, and was blowing in the non-existent wind. In charge of the stand was a very shiny spoon. 

"Hello madame. I am rather thirsty, and would like some lemonade." Said Johnny, and the spoon laughed. 

"Why you telling me? I have no lemonade!" she screeched. 

"But you are a Lemonade stand, are you not." Johnny asked. He was finding the whole experience rather confusing. 

"That I am. But I only sell pea juice. What else would a Lemonade stand sell, you imbecile!" The spoon said back. Johnny was finding her very irritating and random, so he picked up a fork, and threw it at her. She ran off, screaming, leaving the lemonade stand behind. 

"That showed her." Johnny said under his breathe.

He carried on his journey, and soon enough he came across a forest. Now the trees were all two foot tall, and he found that he towered over them all. He liked it that way, as he could see for miles. As he entered the blue forest, a huge apple jumped out. 

"Hello there, Thingymajiggy." He whispered. Johnny shook his hand and then asked why he was whispering. 

"Because if I speak louder, I may burst your ear drums of course!" he whispered loudly. Then he began to dance. He was very good and after he had finished break dancing, he began to do ballet. 

"Sir. I find your dancing too random for my liking. Your boring me." Johnny sighed. 

"WHAT??!!" Yelled the apple. Now he was very angry. But he had spoke loudly, and surprisingly Johnny's ear drums burst, and his tongue grew to the ground.

"YOU ARE A RUDE THINGYMAJIGGY!" Screamed the Apple. Johnny tried to apologize, but the apple ignored him. Then he grabbed him, and ate him. 

And I'm afraid to say, Johnny was no more.


And there goes the last thingymajiggy. Or are you one?

The End

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