Once there was a shark called Sharky.

Sharky was swimming one day when he came to the coast of Australia. He moored his boat and climbed ashore.
"G'DAY MATE!" Shouted a little random dog behind him in the most annoying Aussie accent ever.
From that moment on Sharky and Dog (as he was called) were the best of friends.
One day they randomly came to a boat in the middle of the ocean. Another Shark was on this boat and quickly didn't hesitate to kill Dog. Sharky fought off Shark (Isn't that original?) but then he wept for his friend. Then stopped as he realised he wouldn't have to listen to Dogs annoying accent anymore, Sharky jumped for joy!

Sharky was swimming one day when he came to the another boat, except this was the same boat from earlier and Shark was on there! Sharky quickly and sneakily climbed aboard and saw a gun.

He picked up the gun...

"BANGBANGBANG!" Went Sharky.
"Yo, dude. Whats your problem? You gonna shoot me?" Shark had turned around.
Oh dear, no bullets. Sharky screamed like a little girl. But then he realised he could just hit Shark over the head. So he did.

And now Sharky is still on the loose with the gun that doesn't shoot bullets but knocks people out by Sharky hitting them over the head with it killing sharks all over the world!

The End

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