Bubba was walking barefoot down a hill one day that was studded with thumb tacks and horses that breathed butterflies.

He looked at the hot pink horse that breathed out bats and stomped on frogs. "Why do you stomp on frogs?" Bubba asked while twiddling his lip.

You see, Bubba was a poor stick of a disowned red neck that hated beer and liked chocolate martinis and snakes.

"Because I want to." The horse growled and sat on a car.

Bubba decided to eat a tire while he was bored and go walking barefoot in the woods.

He came across a rare wondrous Pikachu with it's friends the giant mushroom milkshake and the whatchamacallit. The whatchamacallit was a real jerk and so was the mushroom milkshake. And the Pikachu had neon green stripes and chuckled and giggled like a crazy rock.

"Why are you chuckling?" Bubba asked Pikachu while scratching his head.

"Because you're not fat!" Pikachu snorted and giggled again. Whatchamacallit called it's friend Godzilla and said its mother was a lizard. Godzilla then came over and stomped Bubba flat.

Poor Bubba.

The End

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