The brown blur.

A man was in a subway tunnel, waiting for the train, when a brown blur SWOOSHED past him, yelling, "ESPRESSOESPRESSOESPRESSOESPRESSO!" in a squeeky high voice!

Naturaly, the man ran to the police station, finding no one there. The police officers where off examinating several espresso bar break-ins, and in each case all of the coffee had disappeared! To this day, no one knows what happended that day.

What happended was this, Alvin (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) saw a person drinking coffee, and then HE wanted to drink coffee. So he went and got a coffee. After 10 cups, he was addicted to coffee. So he zipped off to all the cafes in town, and chugged the town clean. And if he wasn't hyperactive and squeeky before he had coffee, he certainly is now!

Remember! the topic is randomness!

The End

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