BumbleBee.. meets a Red Pepper.

There was once a BumbleBee. But this was no ordinary bumblebee, no no, this was a PINK bumblebee. It had a cute little purple tail instead of a stinger, so everyone loved it, AND it was immortal.

One sunny Tuesday he was at the fruit market searching for a Kiwi when a red pepper spoke to him. He had a sweet voice and fluffy fur, which made the BumbleBee want to stroke him.

"Umm.. excuse me.. do you have a poodle i could borrow?" The Red Pepper asked with a Horse Nod. The PinkBumble Bee desperately wanted to help the Sweet little furry pepper, but didnt have a poodle to give him.

"No.. but I know some that does. He's called superman and he lent me some custard powder in an umbrella once. I'll call him for you!" The cute little pink bumblebee replied. He pulled out his orange flower phone and dialed superman.

After 5 minutes, the Cute little pink Bumble Bee hung up. "I'm sorry.. the poodle died. I can give you a golf club instead?"

"Yes, that would be jolly good" The Sweet little furry red pepper replied.

And so they played golf with the Corgettes.



The End

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