Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away...

A chiquita named Adolf emerged from her hole after a long, refreshing nap.  For some reason, there was something odd about.  She looked up at the sky and saw there were hundreds of banana slugs flying down from the heavens.

Now where Adolf lived, this happened very seldomly.  Nevertheless, she and her neighbors had drilled for this very situation.  She sounded out her distress call to all of the other chiquitas in the area, and within seconds, about a dozen popped out of their holes.  "Banana slugs!"  One screamed.

As practiced, they reached into their pockets and pulled out ridiculous-looking guns.  Aiming them for the sky, the group waited for instructions.

"On your mark!"  Adolf yelled.  "Ready, aim..."  She held her breath and steadied herself.  "Blasphemy!"  She shouted.

A perfectly synchronized bang rang throughout the air, and the slugs began to drop like flies.  Once again, the day was saved...  Thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!!!


(Epic, huh?)

The End

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