Cheese! ... Or Pickles?

Mr. Cheese sat on the stairs on day, for a reason that no one knew, he then decided that he wanted to grow legs and run in the London marathon. However once getting onto the bus Mr. Cheese realized that he was, in fact, going to Africa. How a bus gets to Africa is unknow to the poor Mr. Cheese, but while on the bus Mr.Cheese played a giant game of Mouse trap.
Poor Mr. Cheese lost a corner in that game, the next thing Mr. Cheese knew he was sitting in a Honey Cone chair having tea with the Queen who happened to be wearing a cheese crown. Mr.Cheese was very confused at this random day he was having when, behold, it began to rain Pickles.  
One of those Pickles decided to steal Mr.Cheese's shoes and run up the trunk of an Elephant who was singing,

"Da da dadada da dada da da da"

The Pickle then decided to swim in the ocean, there he met a Shark, who was scared of blood.

Now Mr.Cheese was now sitting at home, drinking a cup of warm Pickle juice when an army of Pickle Ninja's burst through the windows crying.

"Pickle Freedom!!!"

They stole Mr.Cheese's lights and said,

"Ha now you can never read at night again!"

However, Mr.Cheese could not read so did not care much for the loss of his £22000 one of a kind lamp. Instead he decided to go and dance in the rain where he met a magical cow that transformed Mr.Cheese into a Pickle.

So Mr.Cheese to this day is now a Pickle called Mr.Cheese.


The End

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