A Random Day.

One random day, a green bench randomly sun bathed in the night, under the moon light, hoping for a butterfly to randomly sit on a flower next to it, because it thought butterflies were pretty, when suddenly, a thirty tear wedding cake came running out of a nearby bush and smashed straight into it! As the bench yawned and licked the wedding cake of its self, a random balloon came floating by. The bench caught the balloon, dived into the ocean and decided to see if Mr. Sea Cucumber would want it. Mr. Sea Cucumber looked at the balloon went mad and ate it. The balloon then popped in his stomach. The bench went back rather dissatisfied, since it realized the moon did not tan him well. There he met, the evil Mr. Big-Clock-Arm, who asked if he had seen a twenty tear cake. The bench answered that he had seen a thirty tear cake but not a twenty tear cake. Mr. Big- Clock -Arm went away chasing a bicycle spoke as it hopped down the road, cause he wanted to marry it.

Mr. Bench decided to sit. But since he did not look where he sat, he sat on a thermometer and the thermometer got squished and died. Mr. Bench was afraid now because the mercury had spilt on his leg. He went back to the ocean and washed his leg. The ocean was now polluted due to the mercury, and all the fish died.


                                          The End!!!

Please remember the theme is randomness!!

The End

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