The adventures of Mr Poppet.

Hi, I'm Mr Poppet. Im a panda, but i really wish I was a cat.

I wear a cat mask, a cat tail, i even got some cat whiskers forced around my muzzle. Dont ask where i got the cat whiskers from...

Anyway, one day i was doing my morning float around the fjord in north carolina when I saw a flash. A flash of gravy. It lit up the whole of the bright orange sky, it was beautiful. I reached out to touch it, but it was too far away (sad face)

I walked over towards the flash, and thats when I saw it.

A massive Chiwawa with a frog hat was sitting in a patch of strawberries, thoughtfully munching on a snickers bar.

I crossed over to it, and did a welcoming dance known among the society of AWPTBOA (animals who pretend to be other animals.) He did the dance back! My heart filled with joy. I shook hands with the chiwafrog and walked on.

Then I came to it, a massive puddle of Kravey Gravey...

The End

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