Random With A Side Of Seahorsey

"Yay Seahorseys!!"

As a seahorse I agree with this statement, I am indeed a YAY SEAHORSEY! I mean who didn't love Seahorses, they are cute, awesome and horses who could breath under water! However great I am, I was bored of my seahorse life and wanted freedom so I left for land.

"PUSH THE BUTTON!" A monkey darted in front of me with a shiny red button that read, DO NOT PUSH.

"But it says-" I started,

"JUST PUSH THE BUTTON!" The monkey yelled, jumping up and down. I reached out a flipper and pushed the button, the Monkey looked at me we a mad look on his face and said,

"Why did you push that buton?! It clearly said do not push!" I was taken aback by this sudden change and said,

"But you told me-" the monkey cut me short once again

"Anywho, I'm off to find an Elephant and go for a swim!" And with that the monkey ran off and the button transformed into a butterfly.

I have a feeling that this shall be an interesting trip. I thought to myself as I started down the yellow brick road.

The End

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