Write About A Time When You Found it Difficult to Forgive Someone.

Even just answering this will be difficult; the first situation that comes to mind was terrible, and I still don't know if I've forgiven them. Back in my second year of high school, I went on a camping trip with the rest of my class. It was sort of a get-to-know-you time. Anyways, during the bus ride up (it was probably close to three hours), I was sitting next to the window beside my best friend's boyfriend. They had been dating for nearly a year. At one point, he threw his sweater down on top of both of our laps. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until he grew silent and pulled my hand beneath the sweater to his pants. I started to get uncomfortable, but didn't want to say anything. Apparently he took this as an invitation to slide my hand beneath his shorts and boxers and caress himself. It was horrifying! I didn't know what to do. Looking back now, I should have tried to get the attention of my friend sitting in front of us, but I was just so frozen in shock! I spent the next three nights going over and over the situation in my head, too afraid to say anything, but too anxious not to. Eventually, I told a couple of other people, whom all encouraged me to tell my best friend. I did. On the day of their anniversary. Of course, that ended that. I think I nearly had forgiven him too (or at least got over it), until a few years later, when he was a legal adult. He began to talk to various youth and send pictures of himself. And now I find it difficult to forgive myself. Could I have stopped others from experiencing a similar torment?
The End

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