Is There Anything You Regret?


I regret all those times I should have spoken up. All those times I could have said something. Why should I have to stand there and listen to insults, only to spend hours going over various scenarios in my head after.

I regret not telling you I love you. To my family, friends, and everyone who has ever meant something to me. I regret not telling you how much I need you; your love, your support.

I regret not going after my passions. I used to love painting and drawing. Why did I ever give those up? Writing (though I'm really trying to get back into it), swimming, learning to cook. There are so many things that I could be much better at, if only I kept at them.

I regret being so down on myself all of the time. I try to say "I love you" each morning to the mirror, hoping that who I see reflected back at me feels the same. I regret that I always try to focus on what I don't like about myself, rather than what I do.

Most of all, I regret all of the things I've never done, and never will get the chance to do.

So you ask me, is there anything I regret? I almost feel that I wouldn't be human if I'd said no.

The End

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