Write About Yourself at Age 7

As a new challenge for myself, I want to try doing a daily (or close to it) writing challenge. The site I am using as a generator is writingexercises.co.uk
If anyone would like me to continue with this idea, let me know. Or if you take the challenge up yourself, then please share! I am allowing myself no more than 10 minutes for any of these.

Age seven.

A tricky year.

A fun year.

All I remember was my seventh birthday. The seventh birthday was always a big birthday in my family; the year we got to have a "big" birthday. Most likely because it was when my parents were sure we would start remembering them.

For my birthday, I went to the Airzone. I really miss that place. Full of various inflatable rides, it was a kids best friend. I think I had about twenty people there (although in reality, it was probably closer to 10). There were plenty of presents, and lots of smiles. I don't remember everyone I invited though, which is rather upsetting to be completely honest. You would think that if you go out of your way to invite someone, you would remember who you invited.

But I was only seven.

The End

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