Summer Love

I stood on my toes trying to look you in the eye that hot summer day.

You looked at me with a smile and took a step down off of the park stairs.

Oh how I hate being so short but then I love it, all because it makes you look down and smile at me.

We had only know each other for about five minutes but I was already swimming in the waters of teenage summer love.

We went to a splash pad and I had fun dumping water and telling you what you where too dry and that you needed to get more wet.

You didn't say anything but just stand in the water.

An hour pass and I can't stop looking at you and your red shoes.

You talked to me about Vampires and other things.

After a small fight I was pulled into the game of "If you Love me baby smile."

I would hug your arm and asked you, "If you love me baby smile."

You would start to say, "I love you baby but I just can't smile." But then you would break into a smile that had melted my cold winter heart.

After fun and games we walked home with our friend.

You started to talk to me about cars but I had no clue what you where talking about. But I was listening to you talk about how much you thought your truck could, "Eat these other cars for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

I would smile at you and laugh.

We where able to be able to act normal around each other and be who we are.

But you had to leave and I feel crushed.

But I know that I will see you again.

The End

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