Random (story title) Love (chapter)

just like what it says in the title. :)

Love is  a silly thing

Love is one amazing thing

Love doesn't hurt. What hurts it being left behind by that person. Love is just an emotion. It doesn't hurt at all. It's the falling in love and haveing that person love you AND THEN haveing that person leave you.

So see Love doesn't hurt.

Love is something that we give to every body.

Love is something that you first gave out to the world. (It wasn't the poop that you first gave to the world. that was like that 3rd or 4th.)

Love is one of the best things to give to the world when it's hard to move on.

Love is something that you will share with the person you love for all time and eturnuty.

Love is that thing that makes me want to move on and live for that one person.

With out love there could be no us.

So see, Love is the most important thing childern!!!!


The End

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