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She has my hands bond and is teasing me now, biting me and running her nails up my back and down my chest  As she doing this she grind against me. Almost letting me inside of her but stoping before she does. In protest when she nips at my ear i drop my head so i can sink my teeth hard into her neck causing her to grind harder and moan out. As pay back rips her nails down my chest and trace around cock without touching it.  She looks at me and smiles a sly smile and wishpering into my ear. "Does my pet want to feel like he in control". I growl out yes my mistress. She grabs me and forces me to my back and drops her head down kissing and nipping at where my belt would be. Running her nails eargly up and down my thigh and waist.  She runs her tounge gently around the edge. Her nails dig into my thigh as she finally runs her tounge up my shaft. She grabs it very slowly wrap her lips sliding even slower half way down. Az she goes down her tounge dances circles around the head. My muscle lock up as i enjoy this before she rip her nails down my chest this time she draws a faint amount of blood. She slide her lips up and down slowly working hand into the mix. I goan try to to keep controll. She looks up with wide hungry eyes. And moans out dont. I look down and growl angryly yes my mistress. I then releize that with her other free hand she been rubbing herself. I drop my head to the floor and regain my comprosure and she contune more hungryly then vefore with the sounds of muffled moans filling the air.  She moans louder and her hand begains to tribble. She release me from her grasp and lay on me as contunes to rub her self. She bite into me as she moans and her body locks up. She lays on me for few moment as she catchs her breath. She look up and smiles divilish and moment later she on top of me. She quickly slide my hard dick inside of her. She moves slowly at first to find the right spot. Then quickly she picks up speed more her hips back and forth with her hand firmly on my chest and nails pressing hard into my collar bone. I move my hips in rhyme with her causing her to bonce up and slam hard back down. She down her into my neck and bites and she cums again but i contune to move my hips harder. She pushes me down and rolls off laying on the floor. she is breathering hard and i get to my knees and slide on top of her. She try to roll me off to stay in control but i bite deep into he soft skin and with a wimpier and nails tearing down my back she allow me control. I sit and she look at my body my muscle tighten as pull my arm part tearing the fabric that has bond my wrist together. She bites her lower lip know whats about to come. I drop my hand to her waist. And slide my rough hand from her waist to her back. I lift her with easy of the floor and pull her to be. She wraps her leg around my waist and i stand up holding her. She drops her head to my shoulder and i feel her breathing has calm down. I walk us to the bed where i lay her down gently She takes the act of tendentious as a way to regain control of me and she jumps up pushing me to the wall. I look down and smile. I lust filled grin. My body tighten and grab her throat and slam her to the bed. Her nails rack down my arm and she looks up with wild hungry eyes. I lean my lip next to her ear and she feel my hot breath in her ear as i growl out "did you forget me" i release her throat but then grab her hair firmly. "No my master i did not" i moan out in angry lust. "Im sorry master please forgive"

The End

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