To GalbradiaMature

Drakmor jumped away from Dethnus' blade. 

"Why are you running, son?" Dethnus asked as he charged once more, "I thought you wanted to die?!" Drakmor blocked the blade with his mechanical arm and pulled his Desert Eagle. Aiming at his opponents face, Drakmor unloaded the full clip into the bearded face. 

A black void opened in front of Dethnus' face and the bullets disappeared into the darkness. Drakmor, shocked at what he saw, jumped back. How could this man use Void Mystics? Only Mounseiken were supposed to be able to use mystics. 

But, if this man were a Mounseiken, then Drakmor had the advantage.

Drakmor pulled his mechanical arm up, activating the hidden Rail gun. It was designed to kill mounseiken. Drakmor surged his mercurion blood and shot the rail gun, causing the sand to shoot away from the blast radius. Dethnus disappeared as the bullet passed the spot where he stood. The surrounding skeletons fell lifelessly to the ground. Good.

"Guess it still works at full power," Drakmor thought. Then he thought some more. If the blast had been powerful enough to obliterate Dethnus at that range, then could it kill Drakmor? The barrel of the rail gun rested on Drakmor's temple. Finally he would see Valeria once more. It was a wonder that he hadn't thought of this before.

He activated the gun and closed his eyes.

It was over.

Drakmor awoke to a bright blue sky. Was this heaven?

Dethnus stepped into his view.

"What the..."

"Silence, you child!" Dethnus snapped. He looked to be angry. Drakmor was the one who should be agry! Why wasn't he dead?! 

Drakmor tried to get up but realized he was held down again. This time it was four men, and not skeletons. One was a short blue haired man with a veil, who looked as if he could kill Drakmor at a moments notice. Another was an extremely tall man with long black hair and a build that could challenge Dwayne's. They held his legs. Drakmor looked to his left. An African man with combed back black hair and a small beard held his mechanical arm, palm facing down. Looking to his right, Drakmor came face to face with Randall. The man had longer hair now, but it was still him.

"Jason, remove the device," Dethnus said to the African man, "Malkoff and Blue, empty his armory. Randall, use Kurohane to hold him down." The other three nodded and released Drakmor. 

Surging his blood, Drakmor tried to jump up, but was interupted when an enormous creature appeared before him and tackled him back to the ground. Drakmor struggled, but couldn't fight against the creature. Because of the sun, he couldn't even see it clearly. Wait, no that wasn't right.

"I've applied the neutralizer, Lord Dethnus," someone said in a deep voice.

"Thank you, Malkoff," Dethnus replied, "Now empty his arm's storage and remove the rail gun. I'm sending him somewhere for rehabilitation, and I don't want anyone in that place to get ahold of those weapons."

Drakmor's vision was too blurry to see anything anymore. His mind was getting fuzzy as well. What did they mean?

He fell into a dark sleep, never finding an answer.

The End

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