Drakmor shook away his fear, or tried to. For some reason Death, the thing he had been searching for since finishing his final duty, terrified him. Valeria's influence maybe? 'No!' He thought to himself, getting over his fear, 'In this, my love, I will defy you.'

Dethnus stared at Drakmor with an unreadable expression. He probably knew Drakmor hated him. Drakmor wanted to kill him, in fact. But, for some reason, Drakmor got the impression that Dethnus didn't fear him. 'I'll make him fear me!' Drakmor thought malevolently.

Dethnus sighed. "I see your murderous intent, son. Why do you-" The older man was cut off as Drakmor flared his nanites and swung at his opponents head. One shot would end this, no matter how strong the man was.

Dethnus casually stepped back, avoiding the strike easily. Drakmor used the momentum of his punch to spin and kick at Dethnus. Drakmor saw a smile on the man just before his foot met the solid surface of a red blade. Dethnus, along with his blade, flew through the air and into a nearby hill of sand. For a man with his confidence, he was rather ordinary.

Drakmor went to sit back down, the force of that kick would have ripped Dethnus' body in two if not for the blade, but the impact was still deadly. He was most likely dead.  It was funny. Drakmor didn't feel anything. No sense of accomplishment, no relief of any king, nothing. As if Dethnus meant nothing to him, instead of being a point of revenge. 'Oh well,' Drakmor thought idly, focusing on the bush once more. Was it healthier?

A red sword stabbed into the ground directly in front of Drakmor. Above him stood Dethnus, who now looked annoyed.

"Strong, but not strong enough, son," the older man said, cloak flapping behind him like a cape. Drakmor couldn't move. It wasn't shock or fear that held him, Drakmor realized, but a physical entity holding him down. 

Drakmor tore his eyes from Dethnus' own red and black eyes and found himself held by dozens of sun-bleached skeletal figures half buried under the sands. Horror crept into Drakmor's heart. It was a feeling he was unused to.

"A lot of people die out here, son," Dethnus said sadly, "Please don't be one of them."

Drakmor roared and broke away from the skeletal figures, dropping his knife in the process. Jumping away, Drakmor saw several more skeletons rise behind Dethnus. So it was true. Randall had told him about the Black Aura and if everything he said was true, then this fight would get harder.

The End

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