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So, i just joined this site a few months ago and unlike most of the sites i've come across on the internet it actually held my interest longer than your average t.v program. I wouldn't classify myself as a writer, more like a reader.Englisg class was not my most favourite subject in school. I wrote a few short stories and poems as a child but it wasn't something i felt any interest in doing, i never felt like i had the talent or skill to write anything worth putting down on paper. However i loved to read books and still do, i remember going to the library in like grade 3 or something and it was like a whole new world that i could get lost in . I loved going to the school or public library and spending hours reading books, it gave me a peace of mind and joy that i can't explain and is something i re-discovered when they opened the Chapters bookstore franchise. I remember reading just about everything i could get my hands on not just stories but books on all sorts of topics from paper mache to developing hockey skills but it wasn't until i read The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkein that i truly fell in love reading. It was a total escape from a fairly normal small town life which i never seemed to truly fit into, I wasn't a popular kid, i got along with everyone but just never seemed to fit into any certain clique, i still don't as an adult. Reading the Hobbit i felt like a part of the story, like i was in that world, i could visualize the people and events happening more clearly than if it was a movie  and it seemed almost as real to me as my normal everday life, it didn't feel like it was just a figment of someone else's imagination written to entertain me. I still love to read books on all sorts of topics but my favourite genre is the dungeon and dragon type fantasy novels. Someday i would love to write something and have it published , someday...

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