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random stuff, songs , story ideas, prophecies i gained from random methods XD. so yeah ;3 have fun reading.. theres alot of crap XD. yay for my first work~ :3 ill post my real story soon. its 50 pages @_@ so itll be a while before i finish posting it all ;D

 story ideas 1


He stood there, teeth chattering as he gazed across the bay Only one thing stoof in his mind, revenge. The humans had supressed me to The Island. The truth will allways find you.


Once upon a time:

She screamed, crying out, as she fell. A dark colored figure approached. Carried by her adredaline, she scrambled up and ran.



The silence cut the air, we stared at eachother in the moonlight. This was my twin, she had to die =/



No one bothered me, why should they. I have powers, instant outcast.




alot of random words but im too lazy to post all them. itd take ages xD


i wrote a rap but i cant rap lol.. here.


Rii - Among the stars



dont listen in class

dont notice time pass

im me

no one sililarity

i can be a star

get far

but its takeing its time

workin on a rhyme

to make me shine

give me a gun

i shoot up the stars

give me a chance

ill steal your heart

im legit

none of this make up sh!t



Lemme shoot

we can get so far

fly fly among the stars

we be so amazing

ill show your mine

if you gimme time


Verse 2 (last 1 cause i didnt finish it sorry)

Im gonna be me

no one else i wanna be

you see my name

up in lights

the other stars get a freight

i glow so bright

puttin up a fight

no more poverty

no more poor

lets all be open.. like a door


( i hate this rap but i only posted it for amusement so dont hate lol )


the start of a poem:

reflection stared back at me

show me what i come to me

let me see my future free.

story ideas:


Dagda:(SHORT EXTRACT OF POSSIBLE STORY) SIDENOTE, this came to me when i was looking at a sunset =/ cheesy ikr xD.


The man stood, older than the earth itself, eyes watching me sternly. Hair so gold, it emitted its own light/ Iy a[[eared that roots grew from his feet/


No time for love (PLOT):

Cuipid, too busy makeing people fall in love that he has no time to find his own lover.


Interlinked (LONG EXTRACT of possible story)

The skin of the boy rippled, being torn into peices. Each bone cracked and melted, a terrifying scream escaped the boys mouth. As the boys matter was splitting and tearing, chains binded him to the spot.. The winged demonic-looking figure flashed me a toother grin, mouthing the words "be curamach" curamach means carefull in irish. The boy went silent, then, with a blinding light, the boy splattered. I was covered from head to toe in blood. The boy was a rich kid, spoiled and nasty. He deserved to die, trust me. This was my first of many encounters with avenging angels/ The goddess sela sends them to "avenge" people who sin. Mainly the 7 deadly sins/ It is said that a boy will be born, that has the features of a god. He will be the "divulche" or "spawn of devil". it is foretold, although his angelic features deceive, he can destroy the world. So as you can see, its best to take the nesscicary precautions. I wouldnt say that the avenging angels are evil.. they just have a job to do. Although if you have a problem with them, u can go tell them yourself.



DPA - Dead People Anonymous - Extract

Im dead, there i said it. i thought the first step to fixing the problem is admitting you have one. Ok im dead, so fix me. Although, i suppose you would call me un-dead, or living dead. Anything is better than zombie. its an offensive word its worse than retard.


Religion (Extract)

Catholics, muslims,buddhists, these are the most prominent religions. As young children we are brought up to beleive what our parents want us to. What about choosing for yourself. What if i told you you could choose a religion, im guessing you would choose the one you were brought up with. You have been brainwashed from a young age. I ask you to try and shed those beleifs, you cant. Why not? you are brainwashed. I doubt you know much about some religions. Wiccains, Pagans, Satanists, Fae people, etc. In this book i will explore each, mayybe even more than whats mentioned. i will teach you to shed your beleifs

Random notes from class:

Can we run for it ?

NEIN, (i presume i was in german class. it was me and alla)


better not be a dvd, i dont wanna see (home economics.. think what u wudnt wanna see xD)


you getting changed after history? ((obv in history, asking alla, cause she goes town after school)


random tarot reading i done..



CARD 1 The hermit:

she is holdign a snake, you are going to be deceived by somebody. This card would suggest to me your afraid of being around people, it shows me your expluding yourself from others. follow your instincts.


2. king of cups

you are very powerfull at this time. Use your energy to perform more spells and develope skills. At this moment is an important decision , it holds all your soul in balance.


3. 3 of wands

someone is leaving you, or left you. someone close to you. dont stay waiting forever, the time for getting over it is now.


a simple but im not sure if it works, spell to change eye color. NOTE: IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BAD THINGS THAT HAPPEN IF U PLAY WITH THIS SPELL.. ITS NOT A GAME.


setip like this =           Candle (preferably the color you want your eyes to be, you should have thin candles like birthday cake ones. u can buy them at random places im not suree exactly where :P im sure some candles will work, others wont)

                                       under the candle (which is to be placed on a page btw) you need a pentagram, u can draw it on paper and cut it out then put it there but a meta chain of one would be good. whatever u have handiest though)


chant this as many times as you think is right 5 or 6 should work aparantly

"one two three eyes change for me, one two three (EYE COLR YOU HAVE NOW) to (EYE COLOR YOU WANT IT TO BE)




random picture xD:

smiling faced creepy girl:

-->happy christian child, god oves me !

-----> so do preists.



lol hope u enjoyed ;x

for this i put incense onto paper and wated, then removed and it formed some weird shapes. i seen a tree as a vision ;x


meditation places i my mind:

woods, tree tops, rivers etc


Vision while divination of water in black case=

White leaf,


bent tree

Yeah.. that was my random shizz XD ill post a proper story soon ;x


The End

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