Chapter FourMature

A human corpse lay at their feet, its clothes soaked by blood and urine; eyes decaying glints of white beneath blackening eyelids; lips blue-brown, half-open, the tongue lolling, dry and rotting.
Dianna crouched down beside the body and began to remove its coat.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jared exclaimed with disgust. Dianna didn't answer. Instead she rolled up the sleeve of the dark blue shirt the male corpse was wearing; revealing infection-riddled scars, identical to the mysterious carvings on their own arms.

"Feels like most of his ribcage is shattered, probably when he was crushed into that barrel." Dianna said; inspecting the corpse.

"Check the coat pockets for ID of some kind." she instructed, and Jared obliged.

"No ID. But I found this!" Jared held up a switchblade as he spoke. Dianna looked around, facing the door.

"Good. We need to try and get out of this room. You'll more than likely find a use for that switchblade once we're outside. This place is certainly dangerous." she told him, standing up; brushing dust and dirt off of the knees of her jeans.

"So how're we gonna get out? That door is locked." Jared pointed out the glaringly obvious, as he tried out his newly acquired switchblade. Hopefully it would do some damage to whatever he would have to face. Dianna began searching the room for anything that might help them. Jared joined in the search, though he wasn't really sure what he was supposed to be looking for.

"Break open some of the other barrels. If that dude had a switchblade, and if all the barrels have corpses in them, one of them may have something a little more powerful." Dianna said grimly; her blue-grey eyes narrowed.


The End

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