Chapter 1Mature

Random horror story.

"What the hell?!"
Jared Liston felt a sharp jolt of pain through his head, as he opened his eyes. He was lying in an unfamilliar room, on a floor of cracked, mud-coloured tiles. His eyelids felt bruised; his green eyes vague slivers of emerald sunk into grey-purple hollows. His left arm was wrapped in some form of crudely-fashioned, blood-soaked cloth-tourniquet. Jared had no recollection of obtaining such injuries. He could feel a stinging pain in his lower lip. Testing the area tentatively with his tongue, he noticed that somebody had ripped out his snake-bite piercings, taking a lot of skin with them.

Looking around the room, Jared saw another person beginning to wake up; a young woman with a similiar tourniquet wrapped tightly around her arm. She was tied to a strong metal hook hammered into the ground. As Jared tried to stand up, he felt something like rope tighten around his ankle. He was shackled to the floor as well.

"Hey! Are you awake?"

He called across the room. The woman looked at him; no recognition in her grey-blue eyes.


She answered shortly; discovering the knots of rope stopping her from standing up. She had been tied down by her right arm. With her left hand, she began searching through her pockets. Eventually, she found what she'd been looking for. A short, sharp, wooden-handled knife. Jared watched as the woman hacked at the rope with the knife. He tried, in vain, to untie the knots on the rope binding him to the floor.

The woman finished cutting the rope away, and crawled across the bloodstained floor and wordlessly handed Jared the knife.





The End

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