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This is a Horror Collaborative. I haven't been online for ages so I'm trying to make a comeback. If you love Horror then please take a look at this. Basically I write a Horror stories about, well anything. It can go from vampires, werewolves, Psychopathic Humans, Ghosts, Evil Spirits or any type of monster or evil being you can create, with it's own name, history, etc. Also it should have a bit of brutality in it. It can have a lot of brutality or a little. Try and put a good bit of detail in it

Hunger, the primary motivation of a wild beast. That was all I could feel as my muscles twisted and grew. I dug my feet into the ground and snarled as they grew longer and hairier. I remember being in a forest as my hand snaps out and rips the bark off a tree with with sharpened nails. I cry out. It's not a human sound. My bones broke and remade themselves in different shapes with loud snaps and cracks.

Blood leaks out of my eyes and elongating snout. I cry out again, only, this time it is a roar. My clothes are ripped apart by my growing arms and legs. I roar again. The sound of power....fury....Hunger! Long thick silvery hair has covered my entire body. Then I take off, through the trees in search of prey.

I must feed....


Bloodlust clouds my vision, my mind, my thoughts. Now I think like a beast. When will my next meal be? I howl again. Lights appear out of the distance. I stop and hide, a shadow in the darkness of the night. It is a search party. With guns. I can smell the silver, mixed with flesh from here. I growl and my stomach rumbles. I put my arm up and dig a claw into the tree. I do the same with the other. And again, and again until I am scaling the tree like a monkey. 


I jump from tree to tree, digging my claws in so as not to fall. I continue to jump from tree to tree, drooling in anticipation.

I can see the party now. There is 5 people. 4 men and 1 woman. I quietly jump to another tree, just above them. They are all armed. I dig my claws into the tree, steadying myself. I growl softly.

The humans whip around, aiming their weapons at the darkness. “It’s here,’ one of them murmured. “Stay together,’ another one whispered. I slowly lowered myself down, digging my feet and claws in slowly, scaling down the tree. I reached a huge branch, not more than 7 feet or so from the ground.

The group where huddled together, scanning their surrounding’s. I grabbed hold of the branch and lowered myself down. I stayed there, silent as the night. I studied them, making my selection. I went for the tallest one, a man with a large coat and a head of messy black hair.

I reached out and with one quick and quiet movement, I enclosed his head in my huge paw, drowning out any sound he made. He struggled against me but I was too strong. I pulled myself back up and bit savagely into his neck. He stopped moving. I gorged myself quickly, his warm blood filling my mouth. Delicious.


“I think it’s gone,’ said one of the humans. They lowered their weapons and turned to face each other. It was then that they realised that their companion had disappeared. “ Where’s Roland?!’ one of them asked. The other’s responded that they didn’t know. I carried on eating and drinking, oblivious to them. When I was finished, I stood up on the branch and howled. It was loud and piercing and echoed throughout the woods. The humans cried out, covering their ears. I stopped and knelt down to my victim, picking him up.


The humans were scared now, bunched together, aiming everywhere. It got even worse for them when I dropped their friends butchered body down on them. It landed with a crunching sound, eliciting a scream from the woman.

One of the men promptly fell away from the group and threw up in the bushes.

I jumped from the branch to a tree. Holding myself there, I barked, loudly.


The humans Immediately aimed somewhere near where I was. I then jumped to another tree. Again I barked, louder this time. The humans swivelled around, aiming at random places. “ It’s messing with us,’ one of the men shouted. In my dark, insane and twisted mind, I laughed at this. They were right. I was playing a game. With my rules.


I slowly tore a large piece of bark off the tree and threw it down into a bush, right near them. They all immediately turned to that spot and fired their rifles.

They started to reload and that was when I struck.


I leapt from my vantage point, landing right in front of one of them. All I remember was his dark hair. And his blood, so sweet, when I bit into his face. He didn’t even have time to scream. I let him sink to the ground. The other three were staring at me, in horror and awe. I growled at them, my blood-drenched snout glistening in the moonlight. I stood up to my full height, towering over them. I must have been about 8 ft high. I slowly walked towards them as they stood there, paralyzed with fear. One of them, a ginger-haired man with a large nose, recovered and charged me with a knife he had taken from his belt. I leapt forward, grabbing him by the neck. He gasped and choked in my grip. I roared at him before crushing his throat and tossing him aside. The last man (Who I noticed had brown skin) back away, reloading his rifle slowly. The woman, white with fear, turned and ran through the trees. No matter, she couldn’t run far. For now I was focused on the black man. He kept backing away, reloading his rifle but never breaking eye contact with me.


He whistled softly. I shook my head quickly. A new scent had just appeared. It was like mine. Suddenly, a large dog burst out from the bushes. It was huge, almost as big as his owner. It growled at me, unsure of what I was, yet somehow it knew, we were the same. I growled softly, communicating with the animal. It barked at me, once, before slowly sauntering away from me, disappearing into the night. The man, who had finished reloading his rifle, stared after it in disbelief. “ Stupid mutt,’ he said angrily, before turning around to train his rifle on me. But I wasn’t there. I had leapt up, grabbing onto the branch where I had made my first kill of the night. Up here, I was invisible. Panic overcame the man. He slowly backed towards where the woman had run off earlier.


I barked, twisting my throat so that it sounded like a deep chuckle. That was the last straw for the man. He turned and ran after the woman. I gave chase. He was very slow and I caught up to him with relative ease. He was panting now. As he ran ahead of me I howled loudly. He turned around in panic and caught his foot on a rock.


He fell hard on the ground. I walked slowly towards him. He was shaking with fear and I realised he was crying. As he crawled away, I growled slowly. He stopped and turned around, looking up at me. The wind ruffled my fur as I stood there. He sobbed in despair as I walked towards him. Then, at the last second, his hand darted inside his coat and he brought out a pistol. I could smell the silver inside it and before I could do anything he pulled the trigger and the bullet had buried itself in my shoulder.

I roared in pain and grabbed him. As I held him with one hand he looked into my eyes and I looked into his. I barked again, making it sound like a chuckle. I pulled my other arm back. He screamed once before I punched through his heart, making it explode. He went limp as I pulled my arm from his body. I let go of him and his body crumpled to the forest floor.


I sniffed the air. The scent of the woman was strong. She was still running. I stood up to my full height and howled as loudly as I could. The howl echoed through the woods. I was gone before it had subsided, racing after the fleeing woman. I powered through the bushes, faster than a deer. I leapt up into the air, catching onto the trees before continuing on from tree to tree.


Her scent filled my nostrils, spurring me on. I finally got site of her, staggering through the trees. We were near the edge of the forest of the forest. My shoulder was paining me. The silver had worked it’s through my flesh and was near the bone. I growled angrily, unwilling to leave my prey. As she reached the edge of the forest I leapt into the air. As I landed on her there was a snap and she screamed in agony. I had broken her leg. As we fell to the ground she wiggled out from underneath me. I suddenly lost my strength. It was the bullet, weakening me.


As the woman crawled quickly away, I stood up and staggered after her. As I finally caught up to her, she turned around. Her pretty face was white with fear. I barked at her. She flinched. I fell forward onto her. She shrieked as I landed on her. She was now pinned underneath me. I moved my hands up over her body to her neck. She tried to push them off, but I was too heavy.


I  put my good hand around her neck. She cried out. I squeezed and there was a popping sound. Her head lolled back. I growled. I rolled off of her. My vision went hazy. I was starting to change back to a human.


As my bones shrank back to their normal size, I whined in pain. My legs snapped and regrew. My arms twisted and shrank. I moaned in pain as my vocal chords slowly grew. It was a human sound. The silver and black hair around my body slowly receded. Even though flesh grew it refused to cover up the hole in my shoulder. I moaned again. I could see lights in the distance, getting closer. I realised I was naked and started to stagger away, towards the lights. I raised my head into the air and screamed for help.


The lights suddenly started running. I fell to my knees, clutching my shoulder. A few moments later and I was suddenly aware of people surrounding me and hands on my shoulders. A blanket was thrown over me. I was picked up and put into a cart. As the cart rolled away the last thing I saw was a group of people inspecting the dead woman’s body. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep, leaving behind a night of blood, butchery and darkness.

The End

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