Noa Hazard VS RoachesMature

 (Un-edited, excerpted from "THE TOWER")

Blow up the Pyramid, the knife cutting the sky.

Destroy it utterly and completely, give me the gift of emptiness, an open path to the heavens.

“You want a path to heaven eh?” he said, reaching out. “I'll give you a path alright, straight down every one of their throats!”

The moment his sharpened bony digit scraped the side of the obsidian monolith, an ax, titanic in size, smashed into his neck, sending him flopping helplessly through the sands once again. This time was different, as he repeated the same somersaults from before he dug his heels in and righted himself, utilizing the ridiculous strength of his transformed state to absorb the tremendous momentum of the blow. He stood, spit, and grit his teeth. The ax that had dealt the blow really was huge, as tall as three grown men and twice as thick, hadn't he had his armor on it would have bifurcated him.

Just my luck, eh? He thought.

“Alright…” he said, considering the group of killers that had been dropped to his left and right. They stood towering over him, each at least fifteen heads tall. Roaches never really took the form of their name-sake, the name originating from how erratic their movement was when dealt a fatal blow. Similar to a roach, screaming, biting at the air, curling up and pulling their legs inward before turning to the dust they where made out of once again. Pure killer instinct without rhyme or reason, answering only to the hive-mind driven instincts of the planet itself.

Particularly disturbing where the proportions these in particular took. Each was muscular, towering blocks of mechanical sinew supporting blocky, bull-like heads with curving horns and rings. The nearest one emitted a scream and stamped it's feet, steam pouring from it's mouth and nostrils, leaking oil and foam.

“You're just trying to make my job harder, I understand. It's what mooks do.” he said, grabbing the gigantic ax with one arm, hefting it over his back. “You know what that means…I've got to kill ya now. So let's start off with this! Chew on it asshole! REMARKABLE AX BREAKER!"

The air split with a deafening crack as the ax was thrown, closing the distance instantly before shredding right through the one that threw it. Both halves of it's body crumbled and exploded, along with the ax as it impacted a dune several hundred feet behind it.

Noa cracked his knuckles then vanished once again, appearing in-front of a second before a swift kick to the side of the head split it's cranium in half, one piece launching through the air like a bullet before smashing into another, sending it flying into the monument. He vanished again amidst the fire-storm of retaliation, ending the fight with a final punch that ripped a hole straight through a bull-headed roach's sternum.

The End

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