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I have gotten VERY bored, so I have started up this. Unlike my previous attempt at a tournament of protagonists, this will simply be something anyone can add to. Just fight scenes, though. I want to see what you guys will make of this, as well as get some insight on different styles of fight scenes. Enjoy and write, my fellow Protagonizers!

Wester walked into the Arena, irritated and urging to fight. Today would be a glorious day, indeed. It would be the day that the Drakos-El would rid themselves of Kane, the unrivaled storm.

"I see my opponent is here, then," Wester said to himself when he noticed the figure ahead. Standing just half a head shorter than Wester himself, Kane was not too intimidating. It was a ruse, though. Wester had fought the man enough times to know his power.

"Wester, you bastard!" Kane shouted, pulling his large blade. His short auburn hair and dark leather armor made for little to get in the way as he separated the blade into a longer and shorter blade. "Shall I jump right in, or do you want to pull your weapons out first?"

Wester smiled. "Gladly, heathen," he said, easing the twin bladed shields off his own back and onto his forearms. Their weight was confortable there, unlike the silver armor covering his body. Pushing blonde locks out of his face with a bladed shield, Wester smiled slighly. "Are you actually going to cut me this time?"

Kane's face contorted with rage and he sliced the air, sending out wind magic to cut anything in it's path. A dangerous attack, but not unstoppable. In fact, it was a waste. Wester slammed his shield into the ground and summoned his own Earth magic to create a wall of rock. The ground shook and contorted to Wester's whim and took the blunt of the attack.

Wester pulled his shield just in time to block a swing from Kane's larger sword. He had jumped over it, huh? Next time, the wall would be bigger. Wester blocked the shorter blade with his other shield and kicked at Kane's leg. The hit connected and gave Wester a small chance to back away. He took it.

With a backwards roll, Wester had pulled himself a little ways away from Kane. Before the man could react, Wester gathered a flame in his hand and threw it at Kane. Being unable to use his pistol to concentrate and aim the fire, it would be more more clumsy, but still good enough for a heathen, such as Kane.

Kane simply dispersed the fireball with a wind-enhanced swing of his blade and came for Wester. Sword met shield, blade met blade, and warrior met warrior. Wester and Kane exchanged blows, neither striking their opponent with any of them. Wester was forced to focus all his attention on following Kane's two swords, so he hadn't the time to use any magic. 

Kane, on the other hand, had had time. With each exchange Wester felt wind cut at his silver armor or a jolt of electricity run across his arm. Although Kane couldn't put a lot of effort into the magic, it was an advantage and both men knew it. Wester had not choice.

Wester caught Kane's arm mid-swing, opening himself up for another attack. Kane took the opening, but Wester was prepared. Wester managed to put his shield between the shorter sword and his own side. Too late, though.

Wester cried out as blade met flesh. Pain. Pain. PAIN!

Wester rolled back, gripping his side. Even though he had purposely opened himself, how could he let that Dynio HEATHEN strike his flesh! It was preposterous! It was unforgivable! It was... horrid.

"What's the matter, Unscarred Champion of the Drakos-El, you get cut?" Kane barked a laugh. He knew of Wester's pride in never being cut. He had tried to ruin the streak for years. Well, he finally had. 

"It's nothing compared to your wounds, Heathen!" Wester gathered his magic. It was time to release the Holy Stampede! He would crush this insect! This Heathen!

Kane laughed again and combined his blades. "I have next to no wounds, you Drakos-El dog!" He smiled and allowed visible electricity to run through his large blade. "Should I give you another?"

Wester, finally having enough magic gathered, set to placing it in the right areas. He would have to be quick. While standing still, Wester could hold all the power indefinitely, but moving took away concentration and leaked it out. He would have just over ten minutes to take the Dynio trash out.

Earth magic to strengthen. Wester pushed it to every fiber of his being, then to his shields. Otherwise, they would break. Fire magic to burn. He set it in a barrier around himself. It also went into the tips of each of his bladed shields. That would burn anything near him. And lastly Holy to enhance. He set it to his feat and joints for speed and to his mind and eyes for enhanced thinking and sight. Together, these magics made his an unstoppable stampede of Holy Judgement.

Kane had been doing something as well, Wester noticed. Aside from just calling insults, he had been gathering a mass amount of magic. That electricity earlier wasn't just for show. What could he be doing? Well, it mattered not. Wester was untouchable.

Kane winced in pain, then shouted and charged. Wester followed suite, charging and yelling his own battlecry. The charge seemed to last an eternity, despite only having a few feet from each other. It was as if there was a calm before a storm. 

Wester struck out with a magic-enhanced shield, feeling as the Earth and Fire swirled around it, enhanced by Holy increasing speed. Kane's sword, dancing with black wind and lightning, met the shield. Darkness covered all.


After what seemed like hours of darkness, light came into Wester's vision. Ah, the sun was a beautiful sight. With it's majestic rays and constant warmth, it truly was a spectacle of the Source's creation. 

Wester pushed his blonde locks from his face and forced himself upright. Pain seared through his body at the movement, but he ignored it, hard as it was to do so. The sight of the arena, however, made it easier to forget the pain, though.

Around Wester, reaching up nearly two hundred paces or more, was what looked like walls of dirt and rock. No, wait, that wasn't right. Then, Wester realized what he was in. In front of him, a few paces off or so, lay a breathing and blinking Kane. With the man's presence, everything was crystal clear.

They had created a crater.

The End

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