Random encounters with WadeMature

Clubbing all night and day.

Wade retracted his hand from the portly woman’s grasp, it was tough, hard like a mans. If she wasn't forty years too old, she'd be a decent lay. Her breasts nested themselves deep in black Chantilly lace. Her brunette hair was coarse, but decently done up, more or less professional looking.

If it weren't for the ring of dark hair around her mouth, Wade would of fucked her. It has been six years since he got out. With six years in, a watermelon in a thong looked sexy. It was the hair, it wasn't even peach fuzz, but thick hair. It danced around her face gloriously, like it was best friends with her. Wade couldn't wrap him self around that without wanting to regurgitate his lunch. Even six years of prison life couldn't rectify that nightmare.

“Fuck off,” he articulated, in the nicest way imaginable. “I'm not interested.”

The woman dismisses the rejection, and prances around with her arms in the air, twirling aimlessly around the street as if to try and seduce Wade with her body. It was relatively sexy, and her ass was in pretty good shape; it had curves and substance. But the hair around her face was inexcusable and made Wade rather derisive towards her.

“Fuck off already you gutter slut. Shave that goddamn possum off your face.” The woman scoffed at his taunt and scurried off into the unforgiving night. “Good riddance,” he shouted, and turned towards a bar across the street. Wade often found himself in strip clubs and bars, he had an addiction to tits and ass, even more so now that he was a free man. The only thing he didn't have, was his tactical gear.

He knew it was only a matter of time before they came after him. In some way, he was a celebrity. Highly sought and incredibly paid. But those who sought him wanted to kill him and those who paid him were just as bad as those he kills. In the business of assassinating, money is the judge of who's good and bad.

The bouncers outside of the club were going to be a problem. They were heavily armed and armoured extremely well. They also had the Marauder logo stamped on their chest. The Marauder’s currently have a bounty of fifty-million dollars for Wade's head. His addiction to tits and ass had to wait for now.

The End

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