Cool! I'm anything!

Helloooooooo!!!!!, I'm little miss anything! I live in the town of Random! I can be anything from a vampire to a box full of canned cherries(which I buy from cherry land!)!!!!

Yay! Right now, I'm a vampire. I suck blood(or cranberry&pommigrannit juice that LOOKS like bloodXXX)

As I said. I live in the pretty town of Random, where alot of normal randomers go. We all do our bit for the community. IE; Picking the money from the  money tree's, collecting the chewing gum from the Anything-minty plant, helping transport the cranberry&pommigranit juice from the Princess Berry's land. And not forgetting giving gift to the Random-ie Goddess!

I hope more people will move here! We need all the randomers we can get!


The End

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