Fruity princesses

I pick up a spoonful of cherry yogurt and eat it. Yummy! I am the Cherry princess. My land is full of cherry trees, and cherries and we sell our harvests to other countries. My country is shaped like a cherry. What did you expect? The stems are roads that connected the cherries to the leaves. It is beautiful. I have seen the whole of my country before up in the air. I was on a cherrycopter. Cherries as the main part, not real cherries, 'course. The leaves were the bits that spin around. Other countries include princesses of : apples, pears, watermelons, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, grapes, and basically all the fruits that could possibly exists. My country works hard. There's a part of it that works on canned cherries. Some on dried cherries. And lots on glase cherries, since they prove to be very important. Cakes, buns,  sundaes and cherry bakewells all need glase cherries. Cherryland is rich. Rich with happiness, rich with cherries, and rich with great people. Then I go to eat dinner which is a cherry pie.

The End

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