Hi, this is random. WELCOME!!!!! It's a crazy little world where any of your weirdest dreams can come true!!IE; I mingt become a vampire...then a fairy, ect, ect!!!Teehee! Hope you have fun!!



Your going to be wondering why I made thes.

Well there are some reasons:)

1: I am/was bored when I made this

2:Because I am random.

3:because....Well, there isn't a 3!

And, um, Yeah. This book-thing is where you can do ANYTHING.. from sky diving in antartica to....uhh......Being a fairy princess!

Hope you have fun....And p-u-lease, try not kill anyone thats writing in it without their permission!!NOT MINE!!I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO YOU WANT TO KILL....But if I am, ask ME.

Okay..Now I've confused you all, so have fun:)

The End

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