The Big Test

This is a collection of short stories that I have written.

The alarm goes off and my eyes fly open. Today is the day! I race over to my shower and press the button. 10 minutes later, I am completely ready to go; hair dry, shoes and clothes in place. I head down the stairs into the kitchen and press the button on the counter.

“Good morning, Master Talae.” The happy voice chirps from a screen in the center of the room.

I smile at the computer. “Good morning, Seria.”

“What would you like for breakfast?”

“Um, a cup of coffee and some toast will be fine, thanks.”

Seria gets to work, and within a minute I have my toast and coffee in hand.

“Thanks, Seria.” I call on my way out the door.

I hop onto the waiting train, heading towards the office. I much on my toast and sip my coffee on the way, watching the city blur below me as we speed by.

When I arrive, I see that the line is much longer than I expected. I sigh, step off the train, and take my place at the end. I settle in and start a conversation with the girl in front if me, expecting to be there for a while. I'm not sure if it was our conversation or what, but the line moves a lot faster than I thought it was going to. Soon, I am at the front of the line.

I pull out my wallet. It's the newest edition. It's a very light blue, lighter then the color of the sky. It's thinner than paper and fits just perfectly into both my back pocket and the palm of my hand.

I place the wallet on the desk and the worker scans me in.

She smiles at me. “Welcome, Talae McDaniels. Pease step this way."

I head in the direction she pointed out, silently recalling to myself the facts I learned in Driver’s Ed. I am determined to pass on the first try, because I only have two weeks left before school starts and I want to drive myself this year.

The instructor is waiting for me by the car. I head over and hold out my hand, a smile on my face. The instructor smiles back and shakes my hand.

“Hello, young man. You must be Talae McDaniels.”

“That’s me!” I exclaim, grinning.

The teacher laughs. “I’m Mr. Jones.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Jones.” I say, hopping into the driver’s seat. Mr. Jones gets in beside me.

“You do know how to start the car, correct?” He asks.

“No, I missed that lesson.” I joke, pulling out my wallet.

Mr. Jones laughs. “I can see that I will not be bored during this testing session.”

I simply grin at him and place my wallet into the slot. The car picks up the code for my permit and blinks to life.

“Welcome, Talae McDaniels.” The car says in its robotic voice.

I shiver slightly. “That voice will be the first thing I change once I get my car.”

Mr. Jones nods, smiling. “Yes, that’s what everyone says.”

Chuckling, I press the button that turns on the engine. I feel a slight stutter, and the car is in the air.

The End

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