You, Sir, Have No Manners!

Slowly, Arianna started to calm down. Stopping beside a mirror, she checked her reflection and stood horrified when she saw her hair had come undone. As quickly as she could, she made her way back to the library, people couldn't see her like this, she was their princess! She was about to call out to Nicolas when she heard another voice. "And you're sure about this? From what I heard..."

"I'm positive. She use to like having fun but now..." That was Nic's voice. "Look she'll be difficult to persuade but I'm certain that you would be the best match for her. I know she'll warm up to the idea eventually. I hope."

"Whatever you say, Your Highness." The other man's voice was oozing sarcasm. Arianna could feel her anger rising again but pushed it aside. Nic could take care of it, nobody spoke to a prince like that, but Nic just laughed. All was silent for a minute and Arianna realized what she was doing. She stood outside the door to her own library, like a commoner, listening to a conversation she had no part in. Disgusted with herself, she tapped the door lightly and waited with her hands held before her. She could hear the distant sound of music from the ball downstairs and wondered how long she had been gone when suddenly the door was ripped open. The man who opened the door was not Nic. "Yes?" Gaping, Arianna stared up into a smirking face that held the most brilliant green eyes she had ever seen. "Can I help you?" Snapping her mouth shut, she lowered her eyes to answer, but that didn't help at all. She was now looking straight at the man's chest right above the top button which had been left undone. From what she could see, the man was fit. Closing her eyes, she finally managed to answer.

"I am here to see Nicolas."

"You do know that your hair is falling out of it's bun?" Stunned that he would point out such a thing to her face, she slowly nodded. "Well then, by all means, come in." Laughing he pulled her inside by her wrist. That was the final straw for Arianna.

"You, sir, have no manners whatsoever and furthermore," Arianna spun around to face him, but her heel caught in the rug and she fell into him instead. He caught her by the waist and held her rather than help her steady herself. Furious now, she pushed herself away from him and since her heel was still twisted in the rug she back into Nicolas. 

"Now, now Arianna, calm yourself."

"That man has no right to touch me like that!"

"Ari, he only caught you when you fell."

"That may be, but he didn't let go! And what's more, he roughly grabbed me to pull me through the door! I demand to know who he is!"

"Arianna, this is Luc. Luc, this is my sister, Arianna." Nic released Arianna and pulled her heel out of the rug. Finally able to stand up straight, she crossed her arms and stared up into Luc's face.

"Well, that does not explain his handling of me nor does it explain why he speaks to me so." Gently, Nicolas sat Arianna down in a chair and began fixing her hair. He had done it when they were small children and was not ashamed of knowing how to do so. It calmed Arianna now as it did when she was small. Her mother was the most regal and elegant woman the world had ever seen, but she was not so good with children. She had maids and wet nurses take care of both Nic and Arianna since the night they were born. She only entered their lives when she had to and when it was time for Arianna to start acting like a lady. Their father was the exact opposite of his wife and took great joy in learning all about his children. He visited them daily and brought them gifts. He would always bring Ari some type of book he had found on his travels and eventually had built her, her own library. The very one they were standing in. Arianna sighed as Nic tugged at her hair. Arianna was the very picture of a perfect princess. She listened to her elders and authorities. She never, not once, had gotten into any trouble. She lowered her eyes in the presence of a man and spoke only when spoken to. Her one guilty pleasure, was of course, her books. Woman of her day were not suppose to know how to read advanced books like the ones her father had bought her. Nicolas nervous voice pulled her out of her thoughts when he inconveniently said,

"You see Ari, Luc is...well, he's your betrothed."

The End

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