Raised To Be A Princess.

Enter the life of a nineteen year old princess who is strict when it comes to acting like one. Her brother being her protector is anything if not mischievous. He chooses a husband for Arianna, that she would never have looked at twice. Luc is charming, handsome and attracts trouble everywhere he goes. Follow Arianna as she tries to keep herself from falling in love with him and tries not to be the perfect example of what a princess should never do.

The gown was dove grey crepe woven with oak leaves. The sleeves shirred and the gored skirt is trimmed with insets of lace. It swirled around her ankles as she floated down the grand staircase. Her posture was perfect, her eyes staring at a spot on the far wall. Lady Arianna Isabella, Princess of Ironnesse was the picture of elegance. Coming to a gentle stop on the last step, she held her hand out for her brother to take. He was to lead her across the floor and introduce her to her future bridegroom, but nobody took her hand. Glaring at the spot where Nicolas should have been standing, Arianna let out a dainty sigh. Of course Nicolas would embarrass her like this, he had no sense of responsibility. He was probably roaming around the castle drunk or chasing some servant girl. Gently, Arianna picked up her skirts and stepped down onto the ballroom floor. With all eyes on her, she slowly made her way over to where her mother stood. Arianna's mother, Queen Adelaide Christabel smiled at her only daughter, but said nothing. Tonight was Arianna's engagement ball and also her nineteenth birthday. Nicolas, the eldest son of Adelaide and the late king, Frederick Theodore, had chosen the bridegroom from the multitude of suitors Arianna had. Being the only daughter of a King and Queen had it's perks, the large dowry being one of them. Not meeting her future husband until the engagement ball, on the other hand, was not. Turning her head slightly, Arianna caught sight of Nicolas standing in the corner. Excusing herself, she made her way over to him. Arianna paused next to him for a moment before continuing past him. Taking her hint, Nicolas followed her to the library. He took one look at his sister before heading straight for the brandy. 

"What did I do this time?" Taking a sip, Nicolas slumped into a chair. His legs stretched out before him, he looked completely comfortable and not at all like a King.

"Sit up straight!" Arianna snapped. "You need to start acting like a King and not a hormonal teenage boy." Arianna was perched on the edge of her chair, staring haughtily at Nicolas.

"Aw come on Troll, stop being so peckish.You need to relax once in a while instead of being so regal all the time. Have some fun, act like your nineteen instead of acting like an old maid." Gasping, Arianna stood up.

"Do not call me a troll and further more, I am not an old maid. I am just as fertile as the next young women and if it so please Your Highness, I will have a baby with my future husband before the year is done! Oh but wait, I would need to be introduced to said husband to do so!" Her words dripped with sarcasm.

"Tsk, tsk Arianna, sarcasm doesn't look good on a young princess." With a mischievous grin, Nicolas stood up as well. Looming over her, he patted her head in a playful way.

"Stop acting so childish Nicolas. You were suppose to be there to introduce me to my bridegroom. You made me look like a fool!"

"Ari, I didn't make you look like a fool, I made myself look like a fool for not showing up. But you know something? I don't care."

"You are to be King. You're suppose to care what your subjects think of you!"

"Those people out there aren't my subjects. Those people are overdressed sausages!"

"So who are your subjects then Nic?" She dropped her voice to a low whisper, looking up at Nic through her bangs.

"The villagers, the farmers and peasants. Those are my subjects. They are the ones who need my help. The people in the ballroom have it all. They have money, power, land and all those peasants have is me. I'm going to do something to help them." Nicolas gave Arianna a pleading look. "Look, I'm sorry I ruined your big night. I just thought you'd like to meet your husband in private. Instead of being surrounded by a bunch of sausages who could care less if you like your bridegroom or not. If you didn't like him, I was going to find you another man."

"Another man? Nicolas! I will marry whoever it is you choose for me, whether or not I like him is out of the question. I will learn to live with him." She raised her head, but would not meet his eyes, as this was the proper thing for a young women to do when talking to a man.

"That's not good enough Ari! I want you to love your husband, not just learn to live with him." Nicolas let loose a very ungentlemanlike sigh. "Arianna, I promised Dad that I would take care of you. That I would find you a suitable and lovable husband. That's exactly what I'm doing. Would you look at me?" Taking her hands in his own, Nic flashed a smile. Tugging her hands free, Arianna emptied her face of all emotions and looked up.

"I was raised to be a lady. A princess. To learn to adapt to whatever situation I was given. It matters not that I love my husband, only that I can provide him with an heir and he can provide me with a home." With that, she turned on her heel and started down the hall.

The End

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