Raise your hands, if you know that you're never gonna feel the same.Mature

Hehehehe. Becky knows.

"Cos I'm siiiiiick of feeling like I have no hooooome!" I screeched loudly, ABSOLUTELY, off muh tets. We'd just finished the second to last show of the tour; only one left and that was York baby! Damn, we're gonna be fahooked.

Dom threw his arms around me, spilling half his pint in my fringe and continued to sing even louder than I was. Reilly was stood chatting to an attractive woman, again. I had no idea where Langley was. Josh, was stood at the bar, by himself. Blackberry in hand. Again. He'd been really down lately. I never dared ask why. He was such a reserved kinda guy, and I didn't ever want to touch the wrong nerve and upset him. 

"Hey man." I said, bounding over and putting my arm on his shoulder. He swiftly put the phone back inside his jacket and smiled.


"You alright dude?"

"..Yeah. Just really tired." Josh mumbled, and ordered 4 shots of Jager. 

"Okay, well I'll round the clan up and we'll finish up drinkies and head back in say, 20 minutes?" I said, reasonably enough.


He turned away from me to drink his shots and I decided to leave him. Something's really up with him. I suddenly recieved a jab in the back and spun round to see a Langley beaming down at me.

"Dude, where've you been?" I exclaimed.

"Me and Reilly have bought a shitload of pizzas. They're in the van with him, you ready to head out now? 'Cos the three of us are. This place is dead!"

"Yeah, plan. Josh is kinda sick of it too" I explained, "Go grab him and I'll meet you out there?"

"Cool." He said, and went to find Josh. I staggered outside - why do you always feel more drunk when there's cold? I located the van and hopped in, where I found Reilly slouched against the back munching a meat feast. There were 6 boxes piled next to him. Wow.

"Okay what we got here?" I said, lunging for the top one which he snatched back with haste.

"Meat feast, which is MINE." Reilly mumbled through dough and dead animal, "Ummm, pepperoni for whoever, BBQ chicken for you babes, a weird veggie and mushroom one we got for free, ham & pineapple, and I think the one on the bottom's a... actually I dunno. Eat that one."

I slid it out and opened the lid to see what wonders lay inside. Chicken tikka! Fuuuuck yeeeaah! I picked up a slice and started munching, and soon enough the other guys were back with us. We were all chomping in silence pretty much when Josh came out with something. 

"Is it wrong to date fans?" 

... Anxious glances circulated like locusts around the van, Dom's eyes were sparkling with the components of a sick joke, but it was Langley who spoke first. 

"The term 'fan' means different things. I mean, one thing about being in a band is you meet some awesome people, and women, haha, but if they're cool about everything and like you for who you are, then I guess what you do won't define how she feels about you."

We all looked at him, in awe. Then Dom sniggered.

"It's okay to fuuck them Josh."

We all burst in to fits of laughter, while Josh managed to form a small line at one side of his mouth for half a second, then continued to eat quietly. Reilly had noticed too, and immediately stopped laughing. Then Langley, and finally Dom, who hadn't realised, but had gone silent because he was the only one left snorting. I looked at Josh with a shot of concern, but he shunned it and looked away. I hate it when he was like this, the worst thing is that no one can help him. 

The End

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