Rainy Season

Well you shall read and then you shall find out... :)
About an unrealistic life in some Rain forest. =]

As she rose from her old animal skin a waft of fresh air came over her it smelled like morning sunrise and droplets of wet rain. This was what made her feel so great. The rainy season had set in at the Rain Forest of Brazil. This was the perfect time for her to get out and find some berries or maybe some roots for lunch. Still, she needed to pay attention; the animals were wide awake and out, too. Her animals wouldn’t be problem. They would not disturb her. But the animals that don’t like her in their forest, they will be a problem.

Kabu, one of her animals, flew into the hidden cave sat down and looked at her. He was a wonderful bird. The feathers of black and gold, which were all over his big body, in no specific order but still it looked like every single feather had its on place. If you looked at him, his body was build like a swan, but he was a bit bigger. The last thing that made this bird so special was the Rubin red eyes, which, when they focused you, shined like the biggest and most precious diamonds on the whole world. He opened his golden pick and said: “Nihala of the Rain Forest, who knows the secret of our language, I wish you a good morning!”, he gave her a formal smile and bowed. She looked at him, amused. Then she stood up straightened her leather cloth, put her black long hair into a pony tail and gave Kabu a hug: “You know that I hate it when you talk like that…You, Kabu, are my best friend and animal. You know I hate it when you mock Glaedr, he’s an old formal Dragon, if I tell him he’ll not be that amused…”, she laughed and made a small “roarrrr” sound. Kabu looked at her and smiled, he added: “Don’t worry about the other animals they apparently visit the other part of the rain forest. So I guess, you can go out and fetch some food…”

Nihala didn’t give him another look. She jumped out of the cave. There where no stairs or stones to climb down, just a straight wall of stone. This was no Problem for her she grabbed the highest branch on the highest tree and swung to the next one. At last she let go of a branch and jumped on a tree and sat there hidden, till she was sure that there weren’t any dangers. When she was sure, she landed secure under a tree and stayed in the shade. She hated being out there without a place to hide. At last she would run over the stone covered ground, away to the thick and close rain forest.

Kabu came after and landed secure beside her, giving her a nasty look. “Nihala, you exactly know that there aren’t any dangers around here that could eat you. Stop playing the hunted thingi.”,he taught in a scratched voice. She looked at him, gave him a “whatever” wave and ran of to the trees. Kabu just rolled his precious eyes at her and just as he wanted to fly of he got caught by something really strong. He gave a shriek and lost consciousness. Within a second Nihala was with him.  She looked in the eyes of a white leopard. He looked at the poor Kabu and said: “I’m so sorry Nihala, I can not stop frightening him…I suppose I’ll stop from now on. You know I always do that to good friends.”, he really looked sorry and gave Kabu a big wet kiss. Nihala fetched her leather hair band brought it back into her hair and leaned on a tree watching her best friends at their daily “hi”, this was how it went every single morning and Kabu still did not get it.

“Knajo, you shouldn’t do that to me!”, Kabu complained. “Well, I wanted to say hi…I did not know you would overreact, I’m sorry!”, Knajo whispered. Nihala broke the ice: “Right how do you fancy a game at the river? Who’s there first gets my favourite root salad!” Both of them ran as fast as they could, well Kabu flew, which was not that easy between the trees. As we reached the river they drew so they now both wanted to have something of it. She explained she first has to fetch some. Knajo said he was going to hunt in the plains for a bit and he’s going to be back here when the sun was up high for his salad. Kabu had to go back to King Glaedr for the daily Report.

So Nihala went her way to a clearance near the river, there she had her little garden. In there she grew roots, fruit, berries, some exotic salad and a lot of rain corn. She took her self made basket and got what was there. Luckily it rained last night and the night before so she got enough food for a good lunch. As she went back to the river and sat down to prepare the food she found a surprise. A big silver diamond or maybe a stone? To her it was no matter. She took it with her hands and looked at it really carefully. The surface was really smooth, unbelievable for a natural diamond. Then the diamond got a crack. Nihala shrieked. Another crack. She shrieked even more. It felt like she was stuck to this stone. Suddenly out of the silver stone a creature broke into the light, a small silver dragon with Rubin red eyes.

A Dragon? The little guy was as long as her underarm and when he spread his wings, which where double as long as his entire body, he looked quite impressive. He sat on the ground and looked at her. She put her hand out and touched the little creature. Her mind was black and it felt like something broke into her thoughts and suddenly she heard a male voice almost as strong as Glaedrs, say: “I am your Dragon, and you are my rider!”, she looked at the small creature and could not believe her eyes and her ears. Glaedr once or twice told her a few stories about riders and dragons, they were impressive creatures, he said. Well, he was the best example. In her mind Nihala replied: “Dragon, Rider? What are you talking about? Dragon and riders are long ago, why did you just hatch now, and why did you choose me?”. The Silver dragon sat on her lap looked self confident in her eyes, as his look switched into a childish one he said: “I choose you because, you are a half elf, so you are practically made to be are dragon rider.” Nihala looked at him softly and replied: “I feel something, something I never felt before. It is about you, you are special. I feel the connection Glaedr told me about, you are meant to be my dragon! I even know your name, Typhon.” The dragon looked surprised jumped with less effort on her shoulder gave her a small kiss and whispered in his mind: “Yes, that should be my name. We will bring great things to this forest, after I took a nap. Will you look after me?”, the connection between them was so strong, so nice. Typhon was her dragon. She was here for him and he was here for her. That was how it was meant to be. When she finished this thought, with the sleepy silver dragon on her arm, the rain splashed freshly down to the ground. This wasn’t the last adventure, definitely not.


The End

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