Raining Diamonds

Danny's attempt at festive cheer lands him in the hospital.

It was a harsh, cold December evening, just a few days before Christmas. Danny was pensive as he arose from the kitchen table and padded over to the counter to make himself a nice cup of tea. May was out shopping in town with her friends. As he boiled the kettle, he contemplated the lights. Wouldn't it be a lovely surprise for May if she came home to find the house all lit up for Christmas?

He dropped a teabag into the mug and poured in the steaming water. As the orange~brown liquid filled the mug, he paused for a few moments before pouring in the milk. Danny stole two digestives from the biscuit tin and retired to the armchair in the sitting room.

The box of lights on the coffee table held his attention as he munched in the biscuits. They were tangled in a mess of bulbs and dark green wire. It would be a nightmare to sort out. He gulped dwn the rest of his tea. Depositing the mug in the sink, Danny pulled on his heavy winter coat and ventured outside wth the box under his arm. He took the stepladder from behind the shed and propped it up against the wall. Ascending the steps, he took hold of one end of the string of lights.

He didn't realise that the ladder was slipping. As it fell from under him, he grabbed it thin air. He cracked his head against the window when he fell. As Danny lay sprawled on the concrete, the crack radiated like a spider web. It spread to each corner of the window, until the pane collapsed. As the shards fell around him in a shimmering miasma, Danny's semi-conscious mind could think of only one thing.

"May would love to see this. It's raining diamonds . . ."


The End

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