I stood still looking up into the sky, it rained and rained and still I stood there looking into the sky.  My clothes clung to me, cold and wet I stood.  I must have stood there quite a while because out of nowhere a man comes running up to me checking if I am ok.  I don't know who the tall man was, he looked about 35, dark  and slim with a physique a woman always notices.  He bent down to speak to me, I felt awfully short looking up into his blue eyes.  He smelt minty like he had just been chewing on a chewing gum not long before speaking to me.

 I wasn't really listening to the sounds coming from his mouth, I just stood looking up in the rain.  I moved my head a small way to see what else was in the sky when I heard a siren approaching me, something must have happened close by I thought, still looking into the sky.  I felt a shiver go down my back, like someone had tickled there finger down my spine, I shuddered but carried on looking up to the sky.

I felt a strong cold wind catch my breath and a thunder bolt feeling in my head.  I am not sure how long I stood that day, hours, minutes, seconds I didn't know.  I just stood in the rain looking up. I woke with a start to a cold white room and my family standing by crying, calling my name.  I am not standing in the rain anymore.  I have woken from the accident. the accident that left my soul stood looking up into the sky in the pouring rain.

The End

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