Without my diary

Aww thank you for giving me a safe place to stay.

Thats ok Alison,the war is starting in 3,2,1 LET THE GAMES BEGIN,Nina yelled

Nina one last thing who is the war against?

Sunshine Sail i think hunny pie.

Ok good luck and dont let them see you come out of here and lock the door please.

UMM do you think im involved in this war im never involved in wars they think im too small so we have to stay together and lock the door from inside.

ok nina i hope the war doesnt spread outside rainfull rench because my house is just outside the bushes.

Oh dont worry all the escapes are locked because they think the teams will try to escape from the danger.

Thank you for everything is there another war tomorrow Nina?

No so you can come here for as long as you like or as long as you want 



The End

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