Rainfull Rench

alison is a little girl looking for something to do yet she is only 7 she goes out into the forest and meats fantasy people whenever she is upset or having a bad day she would go to Rainfull Rench she thought it was the safest place until she found out there was a war between rainfull rench and sunshine sail.

                                                     Rainfull Rench

Dear diary

Im Alison and at the moment Im not very happy with my life I always have a bad day and always upset because there is a class bully and he or she mostley picks on me im not allowed to tell if the bully is a girl or a boy or their name.Anyway im so bored .im going to explore, right now im running towards the bushes.

OUCH! I just tripped over... oh my gosh mum and dad if you was with me now you would love what im seeing i will describe it:A beatifaul bridge leading to it,surrounded with trees and lovely flowers,toadstall houses,wierd but pretty and unusual creatures. Wow this was amazing any way im going to close my diary and get in with the journey see you soon.

Without the diary

Hello im Nina and im the deputy fairy welcome to Rainfull Rench,what do you think of it?

I think its the most safest place in the world,Nina

Everyone of the creatures think that aswell. I shall take you to see the head of rainfull rench his name is buttons just follow me

Hello Buttons we have a new student her name is alison.

AHHH a human you should know better nina we should not let humans in rainfull rench it could be dangerouse for them when war comes it shall start in 2 hours and to get out of here you have to spend atleast 4 hours in here.

Oh yes sorry Buttons where shall we put her to keep her safe there is the invisible toadstall hoamy house you cant even feel it sir.

But will i be safe? Alison muttered, i am only 7

yes you will Nina and Buttons said at the same time

The End

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