Raine knew nobdy felt her pain. She knew she was the one to blame. if she ws there they wouldn't have killed her grandmother. If she was there her grandmother would still be alive.

Rayne sat on her porch cold and alone, looking at the peaceful sky that shined bright that night. She wrapped her thin yellow cover; she had ever since she was a baby, around her frail body. She sighed as the sky turned to a murky grey and started to rain. The rain came down hard and the wind blowing the yellow cover off of her, she started to run after the yellow cover. She was slipping and falling on the muddy ground; she grabbed it and was holding on for dear life. She looked up at the sky and said, “I miss you so much grandma only if you were here for me”. Rayne went into the run down house, disheveled by the rain. She looked around the tiny living room, looking at the brown couch with the beat up coffee table, her grandmother had given her. Rayne could never have her grandmother back, not after that night, not after what happened. Rayne’s breath was shallow as she walked into the tiny bathroom; she had shared with her grandmother. She left it the way her grandmother had had it. Bright blue curtains, fishy shower curtains down to the soap her grandmother had used. She drug the wet clothes from her body, turning on the hot water, she whispered “this her feels really good." After Raine was finished she wrapped an old ragged cloth around her and walked to the musty bedroom looking at her grandma’s photo. She began to cry thinking about the times she spent with her. As the tears fell so did she down to her knees and she yelled “GRANDMA I LOVE YOU, AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH”. No one knows my pain she thought . Then a white shadow came from where grandma use to sleep. As the white shadow became close to her the hairs on Rayne’s neck became stiff.

Everything became quite and still as the shadow spoke “Rayne it’s me.” Rayne began crying. “Rayne baby don’t cry.” Her grandmother whispered. “I’m here.”

“I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry grandma I didn’t mean for them to kill you. I didn’t mean for them to kill you.” Rayne cried.

The End

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