Rainbow Rose

Ramya a 15 year old girl in a family that just isint at all like her, runs away with her friends for a while only to find what her grandma was talking about in her sleep. about a mythical magic Rainbow rose. and her, Ramya has found it. Ramya also shares a close bond with friend Nason, slight romance between them.

i awoke to the sound of music. Blasting. Hard metal and rock music, the lyrics hit my ears, the harsh swear words where the words that hit my ears first, the words i was so familier with, the words that where 'bad' words. I sat up in my messed up bed. My duvet was twisted around and half way on the floor. Trish has her music on again. I looked at the time it read eight AM.  Eight in the morning and my big sister was blasting heavy metal music next door. With Explicit lyrics containing swear words and drugs and sex. My big sister Trisha Storm or Nicknamed Stormy. She was a mad emo. with a love of skulls and the colours green, purple and black. Her bedroom was was barely viewable and the thick black curtians blocked out any natrual sunlight. The only light visable in her room, was the the light from her laptop. and a faint glow of her large lava lamp hanging from her ceiling. No body goes in her bedroom, for fear you will fall over a broken guitar or what ever Emos seem to own these days. I got out of bed and made my way to my own computer. I checked my emails and then picked up my Dressing gown from the ground near the door. I Made my way next door and banged on the door. No answer. I Knocked harder this time. Still no answer. I took a risk and placed my hand on the door handle. I swung the door open to find no body was there. or so it looked, and you could see hardly anything in that room of hers. I looked confused and shut the door. I made my way down the stairs into the living room.
'Mam?!'  I called. ' Mam are you here?' No answer. I looked on the fridge to find a note. It read:

'Off to Grandmas, Little Jett is with me and Trish has gone to her mates house somewhere. We will be back soon. No taking money from the Jar on the shelf. I gave you pocket money yesterday. I'll be back in time for tea. have a mcdonalds for Dinner okay? See you tea time.  Mum xx'

My grandma Julian is in her eightys now, eighty seven to be exact, she is quite deaf and can forget many things. So my mother often goes and sees her twice a day.
As i read the note there was a knock at the door. Noticing the time and then realising i was still in my pjamas. I opened the door warily, knowing exactly who it was.
'Rawr.' Nason Grinned. There stood my three friends, Nason, Daisy and Ellis.

The End

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