There is a world high above the clouds, a home and sanctuary to the Light Daemons and their god: The Glass Goddess.
Another year has come and gone, and it is time for the children of the daemons to join them in their cloudy home. But things go awry for the last wolf gods to cross.
The Glass Goddess and her son Spectrum are banished into forever night, but her daughter, Psychedelic, falls back to earth...

The sky was matted firmly with a layer of plump gray, stormy edged clouds that gave off the look that rain would be oncoming. Very thin sheds of light poked through the gaps and touched the slick wet ground.

The heavy snowfall had started its melt, and streams had carved their way from the mountains, and became fast flowing rivers further down which wove through the valley, the cold, bitter water slashing at the bank as it whirled past.

High up in the soft, damp sheets of cloud, daemons dived in and out of the fog. They rose into the higher clouds, then fell like raindrops of colour into the darker ones below, shaking the heavy bough of water inside to burst and splatter of the earth below.

A whistling sound rushed past, and the seven shapes bounded back to the biggest, whitest cloud. They kicked up misty balls from the duvet of snowy fluff below them. They lined up in order: red to purple. There were seven daemons, each a council leader of the clouds.

Sitting on a throne of light, The Glass Goddess lay her canine body out comfortably, her translucent eyes drawing over each wolf that waited patiently before her.

"I believe that the last showers have fallen," she addressed formally, rising to her paws so a spear of sunlight glittered over her, and every colour danced over her clear-looking fur, "and it is time for us to begin the spawning season."

There was silence after her loud voice echoed away, and the seven simply nodded in unision, their shining eyes set on her. She sighed slowly, a small cloud of cold air rising from her jaws.


Her commanding bark sent the daemons whirling around, whipping up a gale behind them as they thundered across the cloud roof, then dived down a gap in the flooring and spreading their finely feathered wings to glide through the wet, rainy bottom layer.

The Glass Goddess went last, opening her wings to arch above her head and appear to catch the sun between their tips. She stared with slanted eyes, then dived, tucking them against her sides and free falling for the ground.

The air whisked past her, tearing at her fur and skin, clawing at her feathers and anything that strayed from the centre point of her body. Below the tiny earth grew in size, and she plummeted towards the snowy peaks, lips folding back and letting the freezing cold air piece her pale gums like dozens of ice thorns.

Tiny dots made up her council members: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. She locked her eyes on them, and as the mountain grew in detail, she spread her wings and flew in an arc, her tail spreading out like a fan behind her and a dazzling arch of  light beamed from the very bottom cloud to where she touched her paws to the frosted, crisp grass.

She dropped into a small run to lose her momentum, then slowed into a trot before coming to a complete stop besides the splashing water. She watched the other Light Wolves fly into the path she had left, and streak each of their colours along it. She dipped her head and lapped at the refreshing flow of water.

"Rainbow complete, your highness," the wolf of red howled as he came to a similar landing as her, "It is time."

She nodded with a smile growing to her lips as everyone flew in and came to line up beside the river. Her eyes reflected their colours, and she beamed with pride. Leading the way, she dipped her front paws into the tugging water, then padded until her belly fur was soaked, then let her hind legs fall in with a soft splash.

Droplets streaming off her wings, the Glass Goddess waded further downstream, then let the current carry her. The water began to change colour around her, signaling that the others had joined her. As she was pushed along, she could feel it getting deeper.

She dipped her head under and dived, swimming confidently towards the riverbed. Glowing orbs were firmly stuck to the sandy ground at the bottom. She drew her paw pads over each of them until she found the two that pulsed at her touch. Without waiting for the others to find theirs, she began to whip her wings around them rapidly, and bubbles rose from the water. She whirled until they both rose off the ground. A whirlpool began to rush around her as the other wolves did the same.

Then she released. The two orbs began to float upwards, being pushed along slightly by the lapping tide. When they reached the surface, they popped open and filled with air. Each contained a small, pup-wolf. The newborns gasped for their first breaths, paddled at the water, then rose even further to hover in the air.

Their mother gently bobbed up and took a breath, looking around as colourful pups joined her's in the air. Her two were pure white. She blew gently over them, and they floated away towards the rainbow that held steady in the sky.

The Glass Goddess flapped her wings once to rise into the air, then she soared gently to the bottom of the rainbow. She chanted a strange word, and the red wolf flew up, her pup running after her. When they disappeared into the dark gray cloud, the Goddess said the word again, and the next colour went.

When the last of the seven had cross, the Goddess herself turned and began to walk gently over the light beam. Her two pups tried to keep up on their feet.

"We're halfway there." She panted, pausing at the very peak in the middle of the rainbow.

Suddenly the sky lit up white for a split second as lightning flashed across the sky. The Glass Goddess cringed, and a shadow began to spread over the ground like a strip of midnight had been cut away and thrown like a blanket over the earth. Ghostly shapes rose out of the ground. Dark Daemons.

They ran nimbly across the ground, then their caught on the breeze and began to spread shadows through the clouds. There was a rumble, and another streak of lightning pieced the gaps in the sky. The pups cowered against their mother, who growled, a glowing orb growing at her maw.

The Obscure God appeared in a mass of writhing, black mist. The black wolf floated towards them, his dark, emotionless eyes staring straight ahead. He barely moved until his cloaking shadow was almost apon them, when he howled viciously and reared up, then slammed his paws back down on the mist and a bolt of lightning exploded from it with a crackle and hit the ground with a boom.

The Goddess heard a sound as if a glass pane had hit the ground and it had shattered. Pieces of the rainbow below her began to fall away, and her eyes widened as her and the two pups began to fall. The Obsure God chuckled and threw his forever darkness over them, and the breath was stolen from her as she was lifted back up and thrust into the black, inky sky.

She managed to twist to look at the scene below her. Dark Daemons were dragging the night over the land, and one of her pups, Spectrum, was being lifted up beside her. But her last but was back where the rainbow was, uncaught by the net of shadow, and she was cascading for the ground...

The End

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