Rainbow Island: The Banquet

Being at the table with the other Princes and Princesses was hardly entertaining. Crysta forced a laugh at Prince Alfred’s horrible joke, before chancing a wistful glance at Monk Bernard’s table. The Princess quickly looked back at her table when the young man seated next to Bernard glanced her way.

“And that Prince Mathew,” Princess Gertrude shuddered.

“What about him?” Princess Crystalina asked, sounding disinterested.

“He didn’t seem very Princely at all.” Princess Kathryn stated.

“I saw him helping the sailors,” was Prince Henry’s contribution.

“Really?” Princess Crysta asked disbelieving. She glanced at the young man again. This time he was the one to avert his gaze.


Prince Mathew sighed and picked at his food.

“Is the food not to your liking?” Mayor green asked him.

“I’m not very hungry.” Mathew replied, taking a small bite.

“You should eat up. You never know when adventure might strike.”

Mathew looked up at the Mayor with a raised eyebrow. “And what kind of adventure can one find on this peaceful island?” He asked, his voice bending to sarcasm.

Everyone at the table chuckled. “I’m sure you’ll find something,” Lady Green stated, “I highly doubt turning thirteen will change our Princess.” She smiled and looked over at Princess Chrystalina, who smiled back. Mathew chanced a look at her and she smiled at him as well. His brows furrowed and he went back to eating.


“An illegitimate Prince, really?” Crysta looked towards Prince Alfred. “I didn’t know they existed.”

“Of course they exist,” Princess Gertrude stated looking at Crysta as if she were completely ignorant. “It is just that no one wants to talk about them.”

“But you are talking about him.” Crysta smiled sweetly.

“To warn you, of course.” Prince Alfred frowned.

“Very kind of you to do so.” Crysta sounded like it really wasn’t.

Princess Kathryn looked over at Mathew, “I wonder if he bribed the Monk.”

“I don’t trust Monks, they always try to rule you in the name of their god.” Prince Henry wrinkled his nose.


A trumpet blew. The sound of scraping chairs filled the room as everyone stood. Princess Crystalina looked toward her father and smiled. As silence filled the room King Charles spoke. “Let us retire to our rooms for some rest before tomorrow’s celebrations!” The trumpet blew again and everyone slowly filled out until only Rainbow Island’s Royal family and their Royal visitors were left. Princess Crysta rejoined her parents.

“Lets see,” Queen Clarion took a note book out of a hidden pocket. She flipped though it, looking for something. “Ah, here we are.” She looked up, “Queen Elizabeth and King Richard, your staying in your usual location. Your things should already be there. Do you need assistance?”

“I think we can find our way quite well thank you,” King Richard responded.

“Thank you for the lovely supper,” Queen Elizabeth replied, “I hope we have time to visit after all the celebrations are over.”

“Certainly,” Queen Clarion replied. “Rest well.”

They nodded and left through the Hall’s front door.

“Now,” Queen Clarion clapped her hands and four Pages appeared. “Let me see,” She consulted her notebook again, “You four will be in the East Wing. You will find your things and servants have already been acquainted with the castle and are waiting for you in your rooms. Please follow your escort and rest well.”

The two Princes and Princesses that Crysta had sat with were lead off to their rooms.

“Now,” Queen Clarion looked up at Monk Bernard with a critical expression. “It seems you have brought us an unexpected guest.”

“A last minute find, I assure you,” Monk Bernard stated with utmost respect. “I take it my letter did not reach you in time.”

“Your letter was un-readable, I’m afraid.” King Charles put in before his wife could respond. “What about the West Wing, dear?”

“There’s absolutely no one over there, it would be lonely and cold."

“That’s okay,” Prince Mathew  stated glumly ,”I’m used to being lonely and cold. I’ve slept in the stables before.” He looked at the floor, his toe tracing the outline of one of the floor tiles.

“Stables!” Crysta and her mother said together. Crysta’s curious tone, and the Queen’s indignant one caused him to look up shocked.

“Not even our stable hands sleep in the stables!” the Queen declared, “No, we can find some place for you.”

“He could share my room,” Monk Bernard volunteered.

“Nonsense.” The Queen began to pace as she thought.

“There are plenty of empty room in the Royal suites,” Crysta piped up, giving Prince Mathew a wink, when her mother was turned away. Prince Mathew eyed the Princess curiously.

Her mother stopped pacing and studied her daughter. “She is right, there are at least eight empty rooms. Two of which will have been warmed by the sun.” King Charles prompted, winking at his daughter. Princess Crysta surpressed a giggle.

“It is not traditional.” The Queen looked at each of her companions in turn, until her gaze at last rested on Prince Mathew. “But, then again you are not a traditional Prince are you?”

Mathew blinked at the Queen. There was no hostility in her voice, only kindness. “No your Majesty.”

“I know exactly where he can stay. I’m sure we can ask Tom,”

Queen Clarion broke Crysta’s sentance, “Tom’s duties are with his father. I will arrange for Prince Mathew to have a man servant.”

Crysta’s face fell, “Can I at least show Prince Mathew to his room?” her voice pleaded.

“Of course,” her father said. His wife frowned slightly at him. King Charles smiled at Queen Clarion with an arch of his eyebrows. She shook er head slightly at him, but smiled back.

Crysta grinned. “Come Prince Mathew,” she pulled herself up into regal mode, “Let me escort you to your Royal Apartment.” She held out her hand to take his arm.

With a look of bewilderment Prince Mathew provide an arm for her to take. They walked side by side as Princess Crystalina Valintina lead him out of the banquet hall through the back door.

The End

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