Rainbow Island: Standing for Ceremony

One by one each carriage pulled into the circular drive in front of the pallace gates to deliver their guests. The gates remaind closed until the fourth carriage had arrived and deposited it passangers. Trupeters appeared upon the parapets above and blew a fan fare as the gate parted, swiging upwards like curtains on a stage.

A stately man stood just inside. His voice boomed cerimonially, as he spoke. "Welcome, Royal visitors." His arm swept into the courtyard and he stepped aside. "Welcome, King Richard and Queen Elizabeth of Elustria." The stately couple nodded to him. Fan fare was blown as they entered the small courtyard and made their way to the large doors. There was a pause before those doors opened to fan fare and tey couple was led inside. Once the large doors had closed the man announced the pair.

At last only Monk Bernard and Prince Mathew were left. "Welcome Monk Bernard of Tiboracht," the man began. He looked questioningly at the monk who leaned over and whispered in his ear. "And Prince Mathew of Albernacy," he completed in an even louder voice.

Mathew walked into the courtyard with Bernard to the fan fare. His nose wrinkled. "This place is so stiff." They stood now on the steps and the great doors opened at another blast of fan fare that drowned the monk's reply. A page bowed before them.

"This way please." He led them to the door directly opposite of the entrance that was only ten steps away. Again fan fare was blown as the door was opened. The page stepped inside. "Monk Bernard of Tiboracht and Prince Mathew of Albernacy."

"Huzzah" echoed around the room from the servants and town mayors alike. A gong soon sounded. Servants left and everyone else began to make their way to the tables.

Prince Mathew looked at the three round tables. There was nothing to distinguish one place from another, not even name tags. "Where am I supposed to sit?" he asked, following Bernard like a lost puppy.

"Anywhere you'd like," the Monk replied, taking a place next to the Mayor of Green. Mathew nearly sat down next to the monk until he realized that everyone was still standing.

The gong sounded again and everyone turned to face the doors opposite the entrance. This time the doors slid apart revealing the rulers of Rainbow Island and thier daughter. From the hall way beyond the man, who had met the visitors at the gate, appeared. "Your Hosts, The Royal Family of Rainbow Island, King Charles, Queen Calrion, and their daughter Princess Chrystalina Valentina."

For a second Crysta dropped her royal poise to make a face at Timothy. A quick glance from her mother made her royal up. The three of them strode into the room. They greated each guest in turn as they went around the tables, until they were in the middle of them.

Crysta's parents took places at the table where the King and Queen of Elustria stood. Crysta hesitated and she looked at her options. There was one extra seat at her parents table. Monk Bernard's table was full. Which left the table of Princes and Pricnesses. Crysta took the open spot between Princess Kathryn and Prince Alfred. She nodded to her father.

"Come let us eat!" declaired King Charles. Everyone sat down and began to dig into the food set upon the table.

The End

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