Rainbow Island

Some where there is a world, where the land is still massed together, and a culture, similar to our Renaissance, is evolving. Around the central land mass lie island of all shapes and sizes, except one. A five day sail brings you to Rainbow Island; named for the rainbow that stretches over the farmlands, connecting the mountains to the forest. This is where the Princess Chrystalina Valentina was born and where her adventures begin.

Arrival of the Royal Visitors

In the port city people were bustling about. It was their Princess's birthday and a grand ball was to be held in her honor tonight. Women were busy having their hair done and working on last minute fittings. The men, at a slightly less hectic pass, were cleaning thier suits and keeping an eye on their children.

"The mainlander as here!" a child cried from the docks. "The mainlanders are here!" Children broke away from their parents' grasp to watch in awe as the tall ships sailed in.

"Do you think they will look different from us?" one child asked.

"Maybe they have four arms?"

"Or perhaps blue skin!"

"What if they are just like us?" one parent asked.

"Then maybe they just dress funny." A giggle ran through the children. They all fell silent as the ropes where thrown down to the dock men. Standing on deck were the most normal looking people. The children sighed, but didn't leave their spots.

"Make Way!" a herald called from the top of a carriage and the crowd parted to let them through. Sailors quickly lowered the gang plank and hopped off the ship to secure it.

First down the ramp was a stately man, who quickly turned to help a dignified woman. Someone in the crowd shouted "Royalty!" which was quickly followed by a chorus of "Huzzah!". The couple smiled and alighted into a carriage, which promptly started back toward the palace.

Next up were a stiffly dressed couple. Both looked a little green and a few snickers were heard through the crowd. Again someone called out "Royalty!" and the crowd answered "Huzzah!".  They stepped into the second carriage, which waited for the third couple to debark. Again the shout of "Royalty" was followed by "Huzzah" and the carriage began it's return trip.

Trunks began being taken from the ship and placed in the third carriage indicating the show was over. A young lad grinned at his robed companion as they carried out the last trunk.

"Don't think you've gotten out of ceremony yet, Prince Mathew," Monk Bernard stated. And his voice rang out "Royalty!"

"Huzzah!" cheered the sailors and all who were left at the docks.

Prince Mathew ducked into the carriage, followed by Bernard. "You didn't have to do that.," he whispered fiercely.

The monk kindly patted his knee. "Today you play the Prince, tomorrow," he smiled thoughtfully, "tomorrow you might get to play commoner." The carriage jolted into motion and Prince Mathew watched as the city passed by.

The End

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