Kieran: The Bruiser Chief

I marched down the hall, head down, staring at the floor. The daughter of the most powerful man in the lower class, hidden in my apartment, how ironic. What had gotten into her head to follow me in the first place? I suppressed a growl and punched the brick wall of the hallway. The pain spiked up through my knuckles and I felt a little bit better.

I pushed open the door to the chiefs office without bothering to knock.

"Report." The chief said without even looking up from the pile of paperwork on his desk.

"The Purple girl we picked up and sentenced earlier passed out from starvation." I said bluntly. "I took the liberty to feed her, but I need her background file to see where she came from."

"What's her name?" He grunted.

I opened my mouth to reply, then stopped. I didnt know it. The man looked at me, standing in front of his desk, with a bored expression in his bruise-colored eyes. Then he turned back to the paper he was working on. I glanced down at it to see, not a report to file, but a crossword puzzle from an outdated newspaper. Nothing important at all. "I can't help you if you dont know her name." The chief continued. I fought to keep my muscles relaxed, and turned back toward the door. Before I reached it though, I turned and said. "Your daughter is here. Should I send her in?"

"What!?" That had captured the Chief Takoda's attention  I didnt reply. I knew that the daughter of the bruiser chief would have probably picked the lock to my apartment by now. I knew that there were enough materials in that apartment to make a decent lockpick, though my official set was in my uniform pocket.

"What is she doing here?" The man asked.

"Helping me,"

"She should--" Chief Takoda muttered, then interrupted himself to say. "Send her in." I nodded, and went back to the apartment, oddly, the door remained locked.

"Alright, Princess." I said upon entering, using the title sarcastically. "Your father wants to see you."

Strange, it seemed the bruiser girl was finally a little scared of the situation, and she followed me almost peacefully to the door of the chief's office. Almost.

The End

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