Kalia: Mini Exploration

"Show me your eyes, prove it to me." I said, already feeling defeated.

He shook his head. "Sorry, not going to happen."

I rolled my eyes and shook my own head. His tone of voice and presence proved his words. He really was a  Bruiser. We're all so hard-headed sometimes.

So I just shut up and turned back to the girl, helping her eat some soup and drink some water.

It took me a few minutes to realize that I was inside a Bruiser station. And even longer to realize that it was the one my dad worked in.

Let's just say that I felt stupid.

But upon realizing the second fact, I decided to talk to my father. So when the girl fell asleep, I snuck out and found my way to my dads office.

Surprisingly, I remembered where it was, I'd been so little the last time I was there.

As I was heading down the hall, I was pulled into a smaller, darker hallway.

"What are you doing?" the voice hissed. "I told you to stay with the girl."

I looked at him defiantly. I wasn't scared of him, this boy who didn't even have the courage to show off his eyes.

"I'm sorry. She fell asleep, so I decided to explore. Besides, my dad works here, so I wanted to find him and talk to him."

The boy looked at me, and I could see his eyes squint around the frame of his glasses.

"Who's you dad?" he asked sharply.

Slightly offended, I pushed out my cheek and stated, "Takoda Wilmodesin."

The boy banged his head against the wall behind him.

"You're Chief Takoda's daughter?"

I nodded, slightly  puffing out my chest. My father ran the Bruisers, which should give me more rights than other Bruisers.

Apparently not.

I was quickly shuffled back into the room with the girl, kicking and screaming the whole time.

"Really?" I cried. "I'm in a police station, screaming, and nobody does anything?"

People just turned away.

After the boy had left once again, locking the door behind him this time, it occurred to me that none of us knew each other's names yet.

For some reason, the thought made me laugh.

The End

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